'We're No Longer Safe': The Coronavirus Rages Through Alaska Native Villages


December 2, 2020

The remote village of Chevak in Alaska's Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is grappling with a major Covid-19 outbreak.

CHEVAK, Alaska - In a remote Alaskan village, it's easy to feel like nothing can touch you, not even Covid-19.

"Before the virus came, we were kind of skeptical of it and didn't really believe in it. We were isolated from the city, from everybody else. We are in our own little bubble. We felt very safe in our village," said lifelong Chevak resident Mary N. Marvin, who is Qissunamiut. "But we weren't. We were no longer safe in our little bubble."

That imaginary barrier burst in early October, when Covid-19 started creeping into Chevak, and Marvin's sister was one of the first to get it. Marvin had to quarantine in Chevak's makeshift four-room hotel, and her sister has since recovered.



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