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2020 GENERAL ELECTION: Counting Votes & What to Expect on Election Day


October 29, 2020

ALTHOUGH Election Day is on November 3 this year, the general election is already well underway. In every state voters are already casting their ballots and millions of votes have already been cast. Turnout is unprecedented and as states have worked to make voting safe in light of the pandemic, we have seen no major disruptions at the polls during early voting. This report reinforces Democrats’ call to encourage Americans to vote, and it summarizes what to expect on Election Day.

I. Vote, and vote early

•In a democracy, citizens should not have to risk their health or their lives in order to cast their vote.Given the pandemic, there will be a huge increase in mail-in ballots. We urge voters to cast their ballotsas early as possible, and we will fight to ensure that every vote is counted.•Despite the President’s false claims, according to the leading election experts in our country, voter fraudis nearly nonexistent. The integrity of the election process is strong and election officials across thecountry are working around the clock to ensure that all votes are counted and counted accurately.•It is unfortunate that President Trump and his allies are attempting to stoke fear and chaos. TheAmerican people should be aware of these efforts, but must understand that they are nothing more thandisinformation.•Democrats support free and fair elections.


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