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Beltrami County DFL Is Unfazed by Trump's Visit


September 14, 2020

Bemidji, Minn. – “Our Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party extensive campaign efforts in northern Minnesota are starting to pay off and we’re pleased we’re doing so well that Trump feels the need to give us a visit,” said Beltrami County DFL Chair Curtiss Hunt. “His visit is no surprise because our local DFL office is flooded with calls and visits every day by folks who are tired of a President who doesn’t perform. A great leader is a person with the ability to react to emergencies in the proper way. Unfortunately, Trump is a fair-weather President who doesn’t have a clue how to handle crises.”

Hunt added, “We know Trump has no plan to get us out of the multiple economic and medical disasters that he should have seen coming. He keeps downplaying the pandemic while admitting in taped interviews that he fully understands the severity of the situation. We are not pleased that his unmasked rally in Bemidji constitutes a COVID-19 super-spreader event in the North. And, of course, he has dishonored our significant Native American community, most recently in the form of delaying release of initial payments from the $8 billion COVID-19 relief fund. Trump has devastated the farming community to the point that many farmers stay in business only because the government is bailing them out. Plus, he has denigrated our many veterans in the area by saying that those captured in the line of duty are losers. We know differently. Now he’s running on a platform to Make America great again, again. We Northern Minnesotans aren’t fooled; we recognize a bad performer when we see one.”


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