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Roger "Sid" Allan Whiteman Sr.


September 2, 2020

Roger "Sid" Allan Whiteman Sr.

September 3, 1953 - August 31, 2020

Roger Allan Whiteman, Sr. "Sid", 66, of Indian Point Orr, passed away surrounded by loved ones on Tuesday, August 31, 2020 in his home after a very brief battle with cancer.

Sid was born on September 3, 1953 in Littlefork, Mn. He grew up in a large family of brothers and sisters, cousins, and extended family in Nett Lake. In 1974, Sid married his high school sweetheart Joni Hanson and they went on to have a beautiful family, raising four children, two very special nephews and numerous memorable animals; Yeller, Carl the crow who he nicknamed Rocko, Rocko- the crow actually named Rocko, his Parakeet named Rocko, and his special pups, Vegas, Mukwa, and Makoon who he affectionately called Bugsy.

A trendsetter before its time... he never worried about what others thought because in his mind, he knew cool (no one would argue with that!). Stoic, loyal, meticulous, head strong, fun-loving, creative, resourceful, knowledgeable (he knew the definition of words that most of us had NEVER heard of!!!), and fiercely protective of his family; his kids will lovingly remember him by his "when I was a kid" stories; impromptu karate moves and wrestling matches; saving his farts in a jar; his one-way quarrels with Alex Trebec over the correct answers on Jeopardy; his many, many conspiracies; knowing all things birds; was known by many different names: Zeke, Sidney, Radar, Grasshopper, Ziggy, Side Bank, Sid-Vicious, Master Splinter, Poopsie, Pops, and his most cherished, PaPa. In return, he was very good at giving nicknames- here are just a few: Rocko (obviously), Radar, Arm, Nest, Al, Burford, M, Nails, Venom, NutHouse, Squirt...

Sid was a probation officer in the late 70's at Bois Forte, a certified auto mechanic, a talented carpenter, worked road construction, and served as an appointed representative on the Bois Forte Reservation Tribal Council in the 90's; and during his retirement years was most well known as "the Friendly Ambassador of Orr". His family will always remember him for his wonderfully home cooked meals, most notably his "Papa's Baked Beans".

Although stricken with Polio in his childhood, which affected his everyday activities from that day forward, Sid was an extraordinary athlete; just a few months ago, Orr High School basketball Coach William "Bill" King said that Sid was the "most coordinated athlete that he had ever coached". Always the smallest on the team, he was ALWAYS the fastest and could jump the highest. People from far and wide knew Sid for his athletic feats during high school on the basketball court and during adulthood in the softball field. His good buddy Dave hit the nail on the head with these words:

"Sid was a ballplayer. Oh ya helluva ballplayer. Sid roamed the outfield like Willie Mays. Maybe not as dark, close though...jk... Anyway... Fast? You bet. Sid could lickity split grab a ball hit high off the center-left fence and arm a line drive to home plate in time to nail the guy hustling from third. Who else could do that? I was glad Sid was on my team. How about golf? Oh ya, helluva golfer. Star of the mighty all shinob (one adopted), ragtag, beer drinking, 5th (or was it 6th) hole smoke break ZZ Pop golf team. That's right ZZ Pop. Sid gave us that name and zig zags and pop tops was our game. Yessir, we shook it up in Buyck that summer. Took first place in the league, took first place in the tournament and Sid was unbeaten the entire season. ZZ Pop outplayed, outdrank and after an accidental stumble through the bar screen door....was nearly outlawed at the Vermilion Fairways. How about stubborn? Oh ya Sid is one stubborn fella. The Orr Muni could tell you. One of the Muni's best customers, about every day Sid would drop by to read the paper and have a beer. Management made the grave mistake of disrespecting Sid's sweetheart Joni one day and that was it.....Sid said he'd never have a beer at the Muni again. Far as I know, he never did. Oh, you could ask Otis if Sid is stubborn. Sid likes his beer and there's only two beer joints in Orr. That don't matter when you refuse service to Sid's nephew, an Active Duty Navy Sailor of proper age with a proper ID. Now that ticked Sid off. And you don't wanna tick Sid off. Sid said he'd never have a beer at the Dam again. Far as I know, he never did. Talk about ticking Sid off. How about the time, years ago, when the newly elected Chairman at the time came into the Muni one evening a couple sheets to the wind. Joni was bartending and there were half dozen Band members having a beer. The then Chairman started spouting off about firing this person and that person until Sid had enough. He was ticked. He stood up an poked his finger in the Chairman's chest right out the door. No, you don't wanna tick Sid off...."

Survived by his sweetheart of 46 years, Joni; children: favorite daughter Sidra Starkovich, golden boy Roger Whiteman Jr. (Stephanie Balich); favorite daughter Angeline King (Troy); favorite daughter April Anderson (Joe); and special nephews, who he raised as sons, Jason Ballinger and Michael Whiteman. 11 very special Grandchildren: Bryan (Trey Tahija), Brady and Brant (nicknamed by papa as Rocko) Boutto; Zachary and Lauren Whiteman and Cameron Fisher; Dylan and Genesis Day; Brandon, Mason, and Mia Anderson, as well as several bonus grandchildren. Siblings: Marilyn Geshick, Jerome Whiteman, Wm "Bill" (Julie) Whiteman, Eugene "Jr" Whiteman, Deb Whiteman, Steven Whiteman, Milton "Beanie" Barto, Rodney Barto, Ernie (Rene) Barto, Frank (Linda) Barto, Donna (Bill) Hoffer, Annette Howe (Patrick), Angela "Mousie" (Scott) Wright, Cecile "No-No's" Shauer (Mike), Johnny (Karen) Barto, Violet "Bitties" (Lars) Gabrielson and far too many nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews, and even great-great nieces and nephews to even try to name, but he loved them all the same!

Preceding him in his Journey were Parents- Angeline (Wein) and Eugene Whiteman, Ernie and Rosie Barto; In-Laws- Roy and Jean Hanson; Sisters- Edna Whiteman, Margaret (Tine) Whiteman, Mary Fairbanks, Linda Spires, and Ernestine (Ticker) Stanley.

Sid requested no services or memorial; but the family will be gathering on September 3rd, for his 67th birthday party which was planned a few weeks ago by him. Instead of celebrating him turning 67, we will be celebrating his amazing life and share even more stories about Pops, Poopsie, Papa, Sweetheart, or whatever name for him may have tumbled out of any of our mouths over his lifetime.

The family would like to express their extreme and heartfelt gratitude for those who were able to stop in to visit during Sid's last days and would like to remind everyone of just how short and precious life is. A smile and little bit of friendliness goes a long long ways; don't wait til the last minute to visit; and don't be afraid to say "I love you". To leave an online condolence visit


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