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RLEC Open House - August 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27

9 AM - 2 PM - Administration Building outside Door 29


August 20, 2020

Due to construction, the location of Face-to-Face Open House is tentatively planned for the RLEC building but may be moved if the building is not ready for occupancy. Please watch the School Webpage, Facebook pages, Red Lake Nation News, and Red Lake Tribal Website/Facebook for updates on location.

SIGN UP FOR MEET and GREET (face to face OR virtual) - It is ready to go on the Red Lake Elementary Complex Webpage (, scroll down a little). You need to know your child's teacher BEFORE signing up. Options for finding out:

1. We will be sending a letter in the mail tomorrow, listing teacher names. (This is a day later than planned due to the construction stumbling block.)

2. Already have access to ParentVue? Click on "class schedule" to see child's teacher.

3. Don't have ParentVue but would like to set up an account? You need to be the legal guardian AND receive an activation code. To get an activation code, please call 679-3329 x1800 or x1300. Please leave a message if you are unable to reach a person.

Welcome Letter

August 19, 2020

Boozhoo Red Lake Elementary families!

We hope this letter finds you all healthy and having a beautiful, relaxing summer. As you likely know, the Red Lake Public School Board voted to begin the 20-21 school year under the Distance Learning model. This means students will not be physically attending school this Fall. This may change at some point throughout the year, but at this time we know students will not be coming into the building to start off the year.

With that said, Open House is extremely important to start the year off right for students, families, and staff. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions require us to do things differently this year. We cannot serve a community meal in the school at this time and we cannot open the doors for the entire community to come to the school at one time to enroll their children and meet the teachers. Therefore, this year we have to schedule teacher conferences for our Open House.

Open House: Meet the Teacher

At the Red Lake Elementary Complex, Grades 1-5 students and parents may meet the teacher either face to face or virtually. Due to the limitations we have on how many people can be in the building at a time, each student may only have one time slot. We will be able to allow the student to come with at most two adults. If multiple Red Lake Elementary Complex students are signed up to meet their teachers in the same time period, they may accompany as well.

To sign up online, please go to the Red Lake Elementary Complex website at This is first come, first serve basis. Please sign up as soon as possible. Your child's teacher will be sent in the mail.

Enrollment Paperwork & Device Pick-Up

We will be collecting enrollment paperwork when we hand out student devices. We know many of our families have multiple students in the building which can make this time intensive. Therefore, families will have the opportunity to pick up enrollment packets in advance, allowing it to be completed at your convenience at home. We will also have the packets available at the device pick up location.

Device pick-up

All K-3 students will receive a loaner iPad. Grades 4-5 students will receive a loaner laptop. Devices will be preset by the homeroom teacher. Students will be expected to be online daily while we are in distance learning. If you have internet concerns, please contact the district office ASAP. Device pick-up for Grades 1-5 students will be a drive-in set-up on September 2 & 3. Families are asked to stay in their vehicles.

Enrollment paperwork

Enrollment paperwork will be available as you enter the device pick-up area. Families are asked to remain in their vehicles while completing the paperwork. If you would prefer to pick up the paperwork in advance and complete in the comfort of your home, it will be available for pick-up from the admin building (black bin outside door 29). Just make sure you pick up one packet per returning elementary student (see insert for details of dates and times available). When enrollment paperwork is complete, you will drive to one of the device pick-up lines to get all your devices (Grades 1-5).

Our goal is to get the students registered, distribute the devices and briefly connect with the teacher, including how to use different parts of the technology for Distance Learning in the safest manner possible. This is why we had to divide up into areas for enrollment, device pick up, and must schedule times with teachers. As always, we appreciate your support, flexibility, and understanding during these unprecedented times.


Amanda Norman, Principal (Grades PK-2)

Stephanie Amberg, Principal (Grades 3-5)


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