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Red Lake School District #38 Special School Board Meeting - Wednesday, August 5, 2020

2:00 PM - Red Lake High School Cafeteria


August 5, 2020

School Board Meeting Information for 8.5.2020

The School Board Meeting at 2:00 tomorrow has been moved from the District Office to the Secondary Complex Cafeteria (please enter through door 1).

I wanted to make sure that the board agenda and meeting place were available as the meeting space changed late in the day due to multiple requests from the community to be at the board meeting or speak during public comments… it will be posted on door #29 where the meeting originally was scheduled to be.

The seating for the community will follow the 6’seperation guidelines and it will be expected that all community members attending the meeting will follow the entry procedures outlined in the Red Lake and Governor’s Executive Orders including wearing their masks.

Please remember if you would like to speak during public comments you must fill out the form when you come to the meeting and the Board will listen to you during your 5 minutes but they will not respond.


Melinda A. (Mindy) Crowley


Red Lake School District #38

Special Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 2:00 PM

Red Lake High School Cafeteria

23990 Highway 1 East

Red Lake, MN 56671

1. Opening Ceremony

2. Call to Order

Time: ___________

Members Present:

A. Board Member Roll Call

Chris Jourdain, Chair

Michael Barrett, Vice-Chair

Barb Thomas, Clerk

Roy Nelson, Treasurer

Robert McClain, Director

Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait, Director

Marcus Tyler, Director

Melinda Crowley, Superintendent

B. Guests:

3. Summary/Overview of Agenda - Superintendent Crowley

4. Approval of agenda for August 5, 2020

M/M/S______________&_____________ to approve agenda for August 5, 2020.


5. Public Comments and Delegations This is a time for members of the public to address the Red Lake School Board about items on the agenda (5 minute max.).

6. Consent Agenda for August 5, 2020

M/M/S ________________ &__________________ to approve consent agenda for August 5, 2020.

Yes____ No____ Abstain____

A. Approve Purchase of Two (2) Used School Buses from Red Lake Headstart

B. Approve a resignation from Scott Jarva, a Teacher, effective at the end of the 2019-20 School Year.

C. Approve hiring Donovan May as an Ojibwe Language and Culture Teacher for the District.

D. Approve hiring Serena Graves in a Culturist position for the District.

E. Approve hiring Emma Grund as a Science Teacher for the District.

F. Approve hiring Trisha Hoeger as an Elementary Specialist Teacher for the District.

G. Approve opening two 1.0 FTE Restorative Practices Specialist positions for the District.

H. Approve hiring Andrew Ericksen as a Cook II for the Red Lake Elementary Complex.

I. Rescind a resignation request from Betsy Gerard, a Teacher.

7. Closed Session (If needed)

8. Action Items

A. Approve Red Lake Elementary Complex Property/Land Lease with Red Lake Nation.

M/M/S _________________________ & _________________________ to approve entering into property lease with Red Lake Nation for the Red Lake Elementary complex.

Yes ___; No ___; Abstain ___

B. Approve the __________ model to begin the 2020/21 School Year.

M/M/S _________________________ & _________________________ to approve the __________ model to begin the 2020/21 School Year.

Yes ___; No ___; Abstain ___

C. Approve moving forward with option _____ for the Red Lake School District Solar Project.

M/M/S _________________________ & _________________________ to approve moving forward with option ________ for the Red Lake School District Solar Project.

Yes ___; No ___; Abstain ___

9. Miscellaneous

10. Adjournment

M/M/S _________________ &__________________ to adjourn.

Yes____ No____ Abstain____

Adjourned at _____________


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