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Alcoholism & Domestic Abuse Are Two Issues That Often Go Hand In Hand


It's a story many will unfortunately recognize. It's told in many sad and angry country songs and depicted in many films.

First anger, resentment and verbal abuse set the simmering tone for an unhealthy relationship. Then, alcohol is poured on the flames causing tempers to flare and self control to disappear. Drunk partners lash out at their family members, causing severe emotional and physical hurt.

Although domestic abuse is not directly caused by alcohol abuse, it can certainly be fueled by intoxication. Someone who might otherwise be able to control their violent urges may be more likely to lash out violently when they are intoxicated.

On this resource page, we'll delve into the connection between alcoholism and domestic abuse. We'll offer information on how alcohol can exacerbate violence in abusive relationships and what you can do to find help.


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