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Supreme Law of the Land: Bob Shimek discusses the Old Crossing Treaty of 1863


11M acres ceded to U.S. Govt in Old Crossing Treaty of 1863

There were three different types of treaties that were negotiated here in the U.S. There were peace treaties ...there were a land cession treaties...and there were treaties that created reservations... it says in the Constitution of the United States that treaties are "the supreme law of the land"...Without these land cession treaties, much of what is now in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, as well as many other areas throughout the country, could not legally exist...

These treaties are living documents... If you're a citizen of the United States today, you are party to these treaties and ...Treaties are the supreme law of the land...We all have some responsibilities to each other, whether we like them or not, to uphold our responsibilities to each other that are dictated under the terms of these treaties. Congress did not just pass them and forget about them. Tribes did not just sign them and forget about them. They are very much living documents that essentially codified a way of life for both the Anishinaabe, the Indian people, as well as giving the settlers, the colonists access to some land they wanted. – Bob Shimek

Bob Shimek is a long time treaty rights expert and advocate. He spoke with us on the morning show about the legality of treaties, the different kinds of treaties and the Old Crossing Treaty of 1863.


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