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Internal and External Posting: 06/10/20 – 06/25/20

Red Lake School District #38 is accepting applications for the following position:

Position Title: Dean of Students

Supervisor: Principal (to be assigned)

Building: Anticipated opening Secondary Complex

Qualifications: One to three years' experience working with Native American students and experience supervising students in organization of similar size.

Position Overview: Responsible for overseeing student supervision and conduct, transportation, and facilities management at the building level. When directed the Dean will be expected to take a leadership role on a variety of school teams and act as a liaison to the superintendent or other administrator in absence of the building principal. Expected to identify student situations in need of resolution; and respond accordingly with an effective course of action in accordance with the district's Code of Conduct, Social Emotional Learning beliefs. Responsible for fostering strong, professional and collaborative relationships within the school, district and community that support students' overall school success.

Major Position Duties:


List of things to accomplish in job function NECESSARY SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND ABILTIES: What you should know or accomplish in job function? PERFORMANCE STANDARDS;

How will you know the job is done?

Oversee the supervision and discipline of students.

• Provide disciplinary support through use of Restorative Practices and application of the Code of Conduct to students whose behaviors have not been successfully managed using other behavior management strategies and supports

• Collaborate with parents and families to strengthen relationships and address student conduct issues

• Lead efforts to improve student conduct building wide

• Establish, in collaboration with the building principal, expectations for all staff relative to the conduct and supervision of students

• Oversee student attendance in collaboration with the Home School Liaison • Evidence of the use of Restorative Practices

• Evidence the Code of Conduct is being applied

• Analysis of student conduct reports

• Evidence relationships with parents and students relative to conduct have improved

• Reduction in the number of student discipline referrals

Manage daily facility operations • Maintain a safe and secure building, including implementation of disaster preparation and drills, in collaboration with the Facilities Management Director and building principal

• Ensure schedules are maintained for regular classes and special events

• Oversee co-curricular student activities and special events (Keep?)

• Evidence of successful safety checks and walk-through observations with Facilities Management Director

• Records and other documentation of daily schedules and events

• Documentation of required drills

Supervise non-licensed staff

• Provide leadership to non-licensed staff in collaboration with their Direct Supervisor(s)

• Develop and monitor the schedules and assignments of non-licensed staff as assigned in collaboration with their Direct Supervisor(s)

• Foster strong interpersonal relationships with non-licensed staff

• Secure substitutes for assigned staff members • Evidence of successful interaction with students in these areas as cited in student/client schedules/records, referrals (or lack thereof), and parent conferences.

Coordinate transportation

• Oversee the transportation operations at the Building/Complex in collaboration with the Transportation Director • Evidence of timely and safe transport of students from the Transportation Director

Serve on the school leadership team and other district committees as assigned

• Support the implementation of school and district improvement efforts • Meeting agendas and notes

• Evidence of the completion of action plan activities

Engage in professional growth opportunities • Design and implement a performance review plan targeted at a specific professional growth goal

• TDE goals, portfolio and summative evaluation

Other Duties as Assigned • Duties, responsibilities, and roles as assigned by the Building Principal or Superintendent to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the school building • Completion of the tasks in a timely and efficient manner to the


1. Stand, walk, bend over, kneel, crouch, reach, overhead, grasp, push, and pull. Move, lift, and/or carry up to 30 lbs. to should height.

2. Repetitive use of hands (i.e. fine manipulation, simple grasping, and power grasping).

3. Stand, sit, and/or walk for extended periods of time.

4. Demonstrates normal depth perception.

5. Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard or typewriter, operate standard office equipment, and use a telephone.

6. See and read a computer screen and printed matter with or without visual aids.


1. District application and professional resume completed

2. Provide documentation of credentials.

3. Provide the letters of reference attesting to your ability to complete the position duties identified above and appropriate to the role as Dean.

To apply, complete a District employment application or a transfer request (internal only) and submit with a cover letter and resume to: Ashley VanHorn, Human Resource Coordinator, Red Lake Schools #38, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671.

Ashley VanHorn

Human Resources

Red Lake Schools #38

(218) 679-5102 Office

(218) 679-2321 Fax


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