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DFL Party Resolutions that were passed at the level of the 2020 DFL Party State Convention


Below are the DFL Party Resolutions that were passed at the level of the 2020 DFL Party State Convention.

Agriculture & Food


Raise current funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and support promoting local farmers and their efforts within the confines of that program.

Sustainable Farming

Eliminate corporate farm subsidies and support sustainable farming by promoting local sourcing of food, funding education, and providing added incentives for pesticide-free crops.

Farm-to-School Program

Support continuation and expansion for the “Farm to School” lunch programs, a local economic tool, that prioritizes investing in small and mid-size farms, developing local rural economies, keeping the food supply local.

Business & Community Development

Affordable Housing

Support expanding resources for a range of affordable housing: apartments, townhouses, and starter/small homes for individuals, families, and seniors throughout the state. Protect public housing and balance the rights of renters with the interests of property owners.

Green New Deal

Support the federal Green New Deal goals of ending greenhouse gas emissions; establishing millions of high wage jobs and ensuring economic security for all; investing in sustainable and affordable housing and transportation for all; securing clean air and water, climate and community resiliency, healthy food, access to nature, and a sustainable environment for all; and promoting justice and equity with a ten-year mobilization effort.

Civil, Constitutional, & Human Rights

Overturn Citizens United

We call for an amendment to the United States Constitution to establish that: (1) Only human beings are endowed with constitutional rights and (2) Money is not speech and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.

National Popular Vote for President

The Minnesota Legislature should enact the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which bypasses the Electoral College to guarantee the Presidency to the candidate receiving the most popular votes among the 50 states and District of Columbia, until/unless a constitutional amendment eliminates the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote.

Equal Rights Amendment

Support banning discrimination on the basis of gender by aggressively advocating for removing the Equal Rights Amendment’s (ERA) arbitrary ratification deadline, and adding an Equal Rights Amendment to Minnesota’s Constitution.

Voting Rights of Felons

DFL supports legislation to grant full voter enfranchisement regardless of a person’s past incarceration or criminal record.

Conversion Therapy Ban

Supports a total ban on the practice of “conversion therapy” (also known as sexual orientation/gender identity change efforts, or reparative “therapy”) as a therapeutic practice.

Pathway to Citizenship

We support Comprehensive Immigration Reform providing a fair & compassionate Pathway to Citizenship, such as the Dream Act of 2019, which gives present DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship & permits new undocumented immigrants to apply for DACA.

Full Reproductive Rights

Support legislative or constitutional protection for the full reproductive rights of women: including full access to affordable birth control and safe and legal abortions, protections against discrimination in hiring pregnant women, and legal guarantees for access to parental leave.

Immigrant Bill of Rights

Support an Immigrant Bill of Rights for ALL to include: access to Driver’s License, all Public Benefits, childcare assistance funds, MinnesotaCare, Paid Family & Medical Leave, Earned Sick & Safe Time, and establish Minnesota as a Sanctuary State.

End-of-Life Options

Affirm that terminally ill adults should have access to a full range of end-of-life options, including medical aid in dying, so mentally capable Minnesotans are free to make end-of-life decisions that are best for them and their families.

First Nations land use Sovereignty

Support the right of sovereign nations to determine what construction projects take place in their respective territories and treaty lands.

Pledge to Uphold Treaties

Pledge to uphold our treaties with First Nations, which are defined as the “supreme law of the land” under the U. S. Constitution, and failure to uphold treaties is considered a violation of human rights under international law.

Automatic Voter Registration

Support automatic voter registration at age 18, or when an eligible voter applies for or renews their driver’s license or state ID, unless they choose to “opt out.”

Dismantle Racial & Gender Injustice

Call on our elected and appointed officials to take bold action to dismantle racial, gender, and economic injustice in our democracy, institutions, and our public programs.

Immigrant Legal Resources

Support policies to help fund immigrant legal resources to allow state & local governments to protect our communities by preventing the conscription of state & local resources for federal immigration enforcement work.


Quality Public Education

Support ensuring all public school students have access to local, quality public education through an equitable funding formula in Minnesota and maintain a uniform high quality of public schools throughout the state.

Funding MN Higher Education

Support Minnesota committing to investment in the state’s future by fully funding public higher education including: University, college, technical, vocational programs, and affordable student loans.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Support school-based pre-kindergarten, taught by licensed professionals, being made available to all Minnesota four-year olds.

Public school sustenance funding

Support full funding for all sustenance at public schools including, but not limited to, breakfast, lunch and snack time.

Reduce student loan debt

Support legislation that aims to reduce or eliminate Minnesotan’s student loan debt.

Early Childhood Education

Support fully funding the Childcare Assistance Program and Early Learning Scholarships taught by licensed professionals.


Declare Climate Emergency

Declare a climate emergency. Mandate 100% carbon free electricity throughout Minnesota by 2030 and meet or exceed “net zero” emissions by 2050. Transition to an equitable, economically-just and clean energy economy that provides high paying jobs in rural and urban areas while reducing racial, gender and economic disparities.

Government Accountability to the Public

Redistricting Commission

Support a nonpartisan Independent Redistricting Commission be established to draw fair district boundaries at local, state and federal levels, after the 2020 Census, and for all future redistricting.

Ranked Choice Voting

Supports statewide Local Options legislation to permit Ranked Choice Voting in all municipal elections.

Free, Open and Trustworthy Elections

We support elections that are free, open and trustworthy, using transparent processes that are secure from outside influence and supported by an archival paper ballot backup, guarantee ballot access and ease of voting to all eligible voters, and allow the results to be rapidly and publicly verified.

Prohibit For-Profit Prisons

Supports the prohibition of for-profit incarceration corporations from operating or leasing facilities in the State of Minnesota.

Income Tax Returns and President

Support rules to require candidates for both President and Vice-President to reveal all income tax returns and schedules, including charitable donations, for a period of 10 years. This information shall be made public at least 6 weeks before the nominating convention.

Election Day National Holiday

Our November Elections date should be a state and/or national holiday so everyone can participate.

Health & Human Services

Expand Public Health Care

Support expanding public healthcare coverage, with a public option buy-in plan like MinnesotaCare (protecting it from funding cuts) with its current actuary value, that directly helps people face unaffordable costs and poor coverage.

Lower Drug Prices

Support the negotiation of lower prescription drug prices by Minnesota Care at the state level and Medicare at the Federal Level.

Women’s Health Care

Support comprehensive, affordable health care choices for women, ensuring unrestricted access to reproductive health care services throughout the state with the understanding that all health care choices are made by the individual and that the decision to continue or terminate a pregnancy should be personal, private, safe and legal with no interference from politicians or health insurance providers.

Elder Care

Support policies that protect the rights of elders and vulnerable adults, including mandating a living wage for all direct-care providers (including family members), increasing reimbursement rates for elderly waiver and other state assistance programs, mandating adequate staffing ratios at long-term facilities, and increasing funding for regulatory oversight.

Mental Health

Support providing supportive services including subsidized housing for those experiencing chemical dependency, mental illness, and/or homelessness.


Support legislation that ensures insulin is affordable and accessible, including emergency sources.

Mental Health

Support full parity for mental and physical health, meaning coverage of mental health is equal to physical health.

Public Emergency Preparedness

Support increased funding for infectious disease planning (including data collection), like COVID-19, and maintaining emergency preparedness including but not limited to pandemic planning, natural disasters and terrorism.


Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)

Supports legislation that would provide up to twelve weeks of Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) for the birth or adoption of a child, parenting of a child or the care of a seriously ill family member.

$15 Minimum Wage

Supports a statewide minimum wage of $15.00/hour with a One Fair Wage for all workers with no Tip Penalty.

Universal Child Care

Support Universal Child Care with no family childcare expense exceeding 7% of their family income and with childcare educators and childcare providers paid a living wage.

Set overtime pay at 40 hrs/not 48

Support legislation to provide overtime pay above a 40 hour work week. Minnesota is the only state that has a 48 hour week in state law.

Oppose Right-To-Work

Oppose Right-To-Work legislation which makes it harder for working people to form unions and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

Media and Internet Issues

Border-to-Border Broadband

Support implementation and expansion of the Border-to-Border statewide Broadband initiative. (1) by providing stable multi-year funding. (2) by eliminating corporate-monopoly sponsored restrictions, obstacles and preemptions. (3) by encouraging municipalities and, (4) by requiring all state-subsidized installers to go “the last mile” ensuring that every Minnesotan has access to today’s and tomorrow’s technology and that no one is left behind.

Natural Resources & the Environment

Protect MN Aquifers and Fresh Water

Protect Minnesota aquifers and fresh water sources from pollution, commercialization, and export; upgrade our drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure.

Moratorium on Copper-Sulfide Mining

Support a moratorium banning copper-nickel sulfide mining in Northeastern Minnesota’s watersheds, for the protection of some of America’s greatest treasures including but not limited to Lake Superior, the BWCAW and Voyageurs National Park, until such time as such mining is proven first to be safe in water-rich environments.

Unsafe Pesticides

Support policies to reduce or eliminate the use of unsafe pesticides (such as glyphosate, neonicotinoids and chlorpyrifos).

Ban Use of Lead

Ban the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle containing lead or other toxic materials.

Oppose Weakening Environmental Law

Oppose any effort to circumvent or weaken state or federal environmental laws or protections involving administrative procedures and permitting.

Paris Climate Accord

Support the US re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement.

ONGOING PLATFORM – Public Safety and Crime Prevention

Change to the Ongoing Platform – Remove mandatory sentencing

Amend the Ongoing Platform by removing: “we support mandatory sentencing of drug dealers” and replace it with “we oppose mandatory sentencing practices for drug-related crimes”.

Public Safety and Crime Prevention

Background checks for firearm sale

Support common sense gun violence prevention measures to keep guns out of the hands of people who’ve proven themselves to be dangerous, including criminal background checks on all gun sales and extreme risk protection orders (often referred to as red flag laws).

Driver’s Licenses for All

Support the state authorization of a driver’s license for any resident who wishes to apply and comply with all requirements of testing, insurances, vision, and other necessary items. Eligibility shall not be denied on the basis of immigration status or non-status.

Assault Weapons Ban

Support banning the sale and private ownership of military style semi-automatic weapons with high capacity magazines.

Retirement Security

Social Security / Medicare

Oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare, improve the solvency of the Social Security trust through more accurate cost-of-living adjustments and eliminate the regressive cap on taxable income.

Tax and Budget Policy

Tax Fairness for Working Families

Support tax fairness for working families and opposes tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.


Sustainable Public Transportation

Support efforts to develop sustainable public transportation, including mass transit, commuter rail, light rail, and buses, as well as viable options for pedestrians, bicycles, and other non-motorized transportation options.

Transportation Bonding Bill

Urge the Minnesota Legislature to pass a large bonding bill that invests in state infrastructure and creates thousands of jobs.

Expand Passenger Rail Services

Supports the expansion of state corridor passenger rail services between Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato, and the Twin Cities to Chicago with direct state appropriation and bonding, at the Minnesota Legislature and assure all passenger rail construction, operation and maintenance work is performed by union labor.

Veterans Affairs

End Veteran Homelessness

Support Minnesota becoming the next state to end Veteran homelessness.

Veterans Health Care

Support full funding and staffing of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to ensure continuation and expansion of high-quality health care to veterans including adequate staffing, necessary facility upgrades and expansions.

The resolutions listed above have been provisionally approved by the online state convention ballot, having met the 60% voting threshold. Rules adopted by the DFL Party State Executive Committee stipulate that they be officially ratified (threshold is 60%) at the first State Central Committee Meeting after the state convention. At this meeting, individual resolutions may be pulled for special consideration by majority vote. Resolutions may not be amended at this meeting.


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