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Red Lake Schools #38 is seeking applicants for the position of Principal


April 22, 2020

Position Announcement: Red Lake Schools #38 is seeking applicants for the position of Principal.

Assignment: The successful candidate will be assigned to the Red Lake Secondary Complex for the 2020-21 school year to provide instructional leadership for programs grades 6-8.

To Apply: To apply send complete District application, cover letter, resume, and credentials send to: Human Resources, Red Lake School District #38, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671, Email to, or fax to (218)679-2321. Deadline: Position closes at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday,May 6, 2020.

Date Posted: April 21, 2020

Position Title: Building or Grade Level(s) Principal

Terms: Per Principal's Master Agreement

Qualifications: Current Minnesota Administrative Licensure. Master's Degree and supervisor or leadership experience preferred.

Position Overview: Responsible for administration of the assigned grade level(s) or building, including the supervision of staff, oversight of student activities and disciplinary actions, facilitation of continuous improvement processes, outreach to parents and community members, oversight of building and physical plant structures, and ongoing communication atthe school and district levels. Performs responsibilities listed below, and other duties as assigned.

Major Position Duties:


List of things to accomplish in job function NECESSARY SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND ABILTIES: What you should know or

accomplish in job function? PERFORMANCE STANDARDS;

How will you know the job is done?


1. Provide leadership and expertise to building- and district-level advisory committees and task forces

2. Establish and communicate school and district

vision and mission STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP

• Create conditions that result in the shared and strategic development of the school's vision, mission, and goals in accordance with those established by the district

• Create a climate of intellectual inquiry and informed opinions to challenge the school community to seek positive change by building on its core values and beliefs STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP

Evidence of the following is articulated

in the World's Best Work Force plan:

• Staff have a shared understanding of the school's vision, mission and goals

• School community consistently challenges the status quo

• School community actively engage in implementation of the strategic plan about its preferred future and high standards for all students

• Act on the core values and beliefs by building strategic pathways to reach them


1. Compile, interpret and distribute both formative and summative data from a variety of sources to

assess needs and inform decisions

2. Facilitate appropriate professional training for building, departments, and/or grade levels to

successfully implement standards, pedagogy,

and/or assessment

3. Remain current with research and best practices relative to instruction, professional development, and evaluation

4. Collaborate with district staff on the evaluation of programs

5. Lead continuous improvement building-level leadership team

6. Oversee implementation of assigned program and/or departmental initiatives including but not limited to curriculum development and alignment,

instructional strategy development, professional development, instructional technology, Targeted

Services, summer school, community education, and family engagement to achieve outcomes and

ensure compliance

7. Monitor student achievement, attendance, enrollment and graduation (if applicable)

8. Research a variety of topics to support new and existing programs and action plans INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP

• Set high standards for professional practice in instruction and assessment that result in high achievement and accountability for all learners

• Have knowledge about best practice curriculum, instruction and emerging education practices; constantly refresh knowledge through ongoing professional development

• Use information, including student performance assessment data, to create structures within the school to meaningfully hold all learners to high standards and promote top achievement for all students INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP

Evidence of the following is articulated

in the school's Record of Continuous


• Staff maintain high expectations for themselves and all learners

• Staff consistently apply best practices for curriculum, instruction, and actively engage in professional learning

• Staff effectively utilize assessment data within structures that improve outcomes for all learners

9. Oversee the development of curriculum,

instruction and assessment content to enhance student achievement and conform to district and

state expectations

10. Oversee the implementation of programs comply district and state curriculum and/or instructional



1. Develop, implement and maintain management plans for assigned programs

2. Work with district staff to ensure required state

and federal reports are completed on time

3. Collaborate with a variety of internal and external personnel for the purpose of implementing,

evaluating and/or maintaining services and


4. Coordinate policies, procedures and current practices to ensure programs meet student and teacher needs and district and state guidelines

5. Collaboratively lead efforts to recruit, select, and retain highly effective staff members

6. Facilitate licensed and non-licensed staff meetings

7. Supervise licensed and non-licensed staff in collaboration with other administrators, including

personnel evaluations and issues

8. Supervise school activities in collaboration with other administrators

9. Oversee and assist as needed with student

discipline issues including but not limited to attendance, referrals, suspensions, and expulsions

10. Support school security and maintenance staff in maintaining a safe and secure school environment

11. Lead the development of building schedules,

teacher assignments, and acquisition of substitute teachers MANAGERIAL LEADERSHIP

• Proactively promotes the success of all students by ensuring management of the organization, operations, and resources for safe, efficient, and effective learning environment

• Ensure the school is a professional learning community by establishing and maintaining processes and systems that result in recruitment, induction, support, evaluation, development and retention of high-performing staff

• Use processes that facilitate remediation and/or removal of nonperforming staff members

• Engage in best professional practices targeted at student achievement to deploy budgets, schedules, staff, and other resources to secure best results for all students MANAGERIAL LEADERSHIP

Evidence of the following is articulated as part of the weekly instructional leadership conversations with the superintendent:

• Effectively manages organizational operations to ensure safe learning environment

• Processes are in place to provide for a professional learning community

• System ensures availability of a high- quality staff and the removal of ineffective staff

• Budgets, schedules, and other managerial components of school operations are well-maintained for optimal student benefit

12. Provide oversight of the school-level budgeting

and financial resources

13. Oversee enrollment, registration and program information for all students

14. Collaborate with district staff to ensure effective

and efficient physical plant operation


1. Apply knowledge of Red Lake Nation culture, community and diversity to all aspects of school operations

2. Engage in efforts to improve school culture and


3. Maintain school environment that is productive, safe and student-focused CULTURAL LEADERSHIP

• Understand the important role of culture as a contributor to student and school success

• Honor the positive traditions, artifacts, symbols, values, and norms of the school and community that result in a sense of identity and pride upon which a productive future is built

• Understand the school and its people, how they came to their current state, and how

to connect with their traditions to move them forward to support the school's efforts to achieve individual and collective goals

• Help to build a strong and positive sense of community in the school CULTURAL LEADERSHIP

Evidence of the following is articulated as part of Targeted Service Delivery and/or Continuous Improvement Plans:

• Culture is evident as a support for school and student success; Native traditions are the foundations for the positive school culture

• Students understand how Red Lake Nation and the Anishinabe contribute to school and student success

• School community and climate supportive of Ojibwe culture


1. Communicate effectively orally and in writing, demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, and

provide comprehensive reports to a wide variety

of audiences

2. Present information on a variety of topics for the purpose of conveying information and/or


3. Respond to issues and inquiries from internal and external parties to identify plans of action to


• Communicate purposefully with internal and external stakeholders

• Facilitate and employ conflict resolution and problem-solving strategies in a wide variety of situations and circumstances

• Communicate clearly, appropriately, and effectively to different audiences and individuals COMMUNICATIONS LEADERSHIP

Evidence of the following is articulated as part of the weekly instructional leadership conversations with the superintendent:

• Communication with stakeholders is effective and comprehensive

• Conflict is addressed from a solutions-focused stance, and resolved efficiently

4. Exchange information within and between

schools, community organizations and family members including but not limited to surveys,

newsletters, handbooks and other communication • Actively listen and seek to clarify the information and intent of other communications in the school

environment • Readily available and responsive to issues efficiently and effectively

• Communication to various audiences is thorough and reflective of purpose

• Seeks to understand multiple perspectives


1. Facilitate and participate in meetings, committees, and workshops with stakeholders to identify

issues, develop recommendations, support staff

and represent the district

2. Coordinate and facilitate family and community advisory committees on behalf of the school and


3. Promote student involvement in activities, clubs, councils, assemblies and other special events

4. Establish and maintain personal contact with

families and community members SCHOOL COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP

• Design structures and processes that result in community engagement, support, and ownership

• Understand the school community within the social and political context of the broader community

• Proactively create opportunities for parents/guardians, community members, and business representatives to be involved in and show support for the community's schools SCHOOL


Evidence of the following is articulated as part of the weekly instructional

leadership conversations with the


• Structures and processes for community engagement are in place

• Acknowledges the school's place in

the larger community context

• Multiple opportunities for parent and community engagement are in place


1. Exhibit excellent moral character and strong work


2. Fulfill requirements for mandatory background check

3. Encourage growth and development of all staff ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL


• Work collaboratively with the school staff and community members to create a positive context for learning by ensuring equity, fulfilling professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity, and serving as model for the professional behavior of others.

• Be knowledgeable about and act in accordance with state and federal statutes as well as with school policy; and exhibit ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL


Evidence of the following is articulated as part of the weekly instructional leadership conversations with the superintendent:

• Consistently exemplifies collaboration and integrity

• Knowledgeable of and able to apply laws and policies to ensure students and school are protected

actions consistently targeted tothe well- being of the students and school community

• Exemplifies high standards of professional practice and behavior

• Consistently demonstrates high standards of professional practice


1. District application and professional resume completed

2. Provide documentation of licensure credentials.

3. Provide theletters ofreference from education professionals.

To apply send complete District application, cover letter, resume, and credentials to: Human Resources , Red Lake School District #38, PO Box 499, RedLake, MN 56671, faxto (218)679-2321, or email to

Ashley VanHorn

Human Resources

Red Lake Schools #38

(218) 679-5102 Office

(218) 679-2321 Fax


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