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How Tiny Houses Became a Symbol of Resistance for Indigenous Women


November 21, 2019

All homes built by the Tiny House Warriors are eco-friendly, solar-powered and completely fossil fuel-free.

When you see the word "tiny house," what comes to mind? "Minimalism?" Maybe "decluttering" or "downsizing?" You probably don't immediately connect "resistance" with the living-small movement that's cut from the same cloth as Kondo-ing. But for a group of indigenous peoples in Canada, tiny homes are exactly how they plan to protect their ancestral land from big oil.

Since Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau first committed to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline hundreds of miles from Alberta to the Pacific Coast three years ago, the project has been contested by environmentalists and deemed "shameful" by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg on Twitter. It's also been denounced by indigenous communities who feel it threatens their sovereignty and their sacrality. To halt construction, activists calling themselves Tiny House Warriors are strategically placing eco-friendly "resistance-homes-on-wheels," as they describe them, along the pathway of the proposed pipeline.


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