Couple in Native American Costumes Kicked Out of Restaurant for War Cries, 'Offensive Comments'


November 1, 2019

There are certain kinds of people who don't understand that just because it's Halloween doesn't mean that the rules are off when it comes to being disrespectful toward other cultures or ethnicities, dressing in an off-color costume, or just being blatantly racist. Sure, there's nothing stopping you from stepping outside the house in your thoroughly cringy getup, but don't expect the response to be warm and welcoming.

Two of those people walked into Shari's restaurant in Lewiston, Idaho, late Saturday night, and then posted indignantly on social media after they were asked to leave. According to KLEW, a man and a woman, both wearing stereotypical Native American costumes and both visibly intoxicated, started causing problems shortly after they took their seats.


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