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Activities Coordinator - Red Lake Schools #38


August 23, 2019


Posted: 08/22/2019 – 08/31/2019

Position Title: Activities Coordinator

Supervisor: Superintendent

Bargaining Group: Non-Union, exempt

Revised: 08/02/2019

Terms: Fulltime – 12 month employee

Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED. Previous Athletic/Actives Director or Coordinator experience is preferred.

Position Overview: To supervise and oversee the coordination and the development of Minnesota State High School League (MNSHL) activities and ISD #38's Community Education Program. This position will function as the Athletic Director/Coordinator of Activities for District #38 and collaborative activities with Red Lake Nation programs.

Major Position Duties:


List of things to accomplish in job function NECESSARY SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, ABILTIES

What you should know or be able to accomplish in job function


The Activities Coordinator is responsible for carrying out the philosophy of the Red Lake Schools Activities Program. They are to ensure that Coaches\Coordinators follow the handbook, create a positive atmosphere for students and pursue excellence for programming. Activities Coordinator will also be responsible for handling conflicts when necessary.

The following guidelines for administration are given:

1. Administration will follow the philosophy of Red Lake School District Activities when dealing with and making decisions regarding district activities.

2. Administrators are expected to use the established "chain of command" when involved in communication issues.

3. Be involved in the formation of the schools Activities Policy and develop the Student and Coaches Handbooks

4. The Activities Coordinator will recommend yearly to the Board of Education, individuals to fill all coaches\Coordinators positions for district programs. The Activities Coordinator will work closely with each "head" Coach/Coordinator to ensure that they have the individuals they want and need in their activity. The Activities Coordinator will evaluate yearly all "head" coaches/Coordinators and each "head" coach/Coordinator is responsible for doing a yearly evaluation of all personnel that work in their program.

5. All administrators will follow Coaches\Coordinators and parent\community member complaint procedures and the established 'chain of command' established therein. The administration will be responsible for handling and resolving conflicts at their earliest opportunity.

6. The Activities Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining the master facilities use schedule for district and community events.

7. Administration will enforce School Board policy and Minnesota State High School League policy regarding:

a. Eligibility Rules

b. Practice Limitations

c. Transfer Rules

d. Training Guidelines

e. Game Regulations

g. Rules meetings Academic requirements

h. Awards and Banquets

Student Actives Programs:

The Activities Coordinator will be responsible for the organization of Student Activities programs.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: The Activities Coordinator will be responsible for developing the Activities program within the school and assisting the principal in duties pertaining to Activities. The Activities Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring compliance of Activities rules, monitoring student eligibility, evaluating programs and coaches, managing program budgets, assisting the principal in selecting a coaching vacancy, and attending Activities events. Responsibilities also include promoting participation of all students, providing positive school spirit; fostering intellectual, and physical and emotional growth.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. be responsible for the administration of all interscholastic Activities/activity policies and procedures,

b. make recommendations for changes in Activities/Activity policy to the policy review committee,

c. develop and maintain open lines of communication between coaches/sponsors, athletes/participants, parents, and administrators.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. be responsible for the development of interscholastic Activities/activity schedules,

b. issue and sign contracts dealing with interscholastic Activities contests and activities,

c. schedule the facilities needed for Activities/activity practices and events,

d. prepare the Activities/activity schedules for publication,

e. be responsible for the school-wide activities calendar of practices/games/events/transportation,

f. coordinate the cancellation or postponement and rescheduling of contests due to weather or other valid reasons,

g. approve and coordinate all radio and television broadcasts of Activities contests and other activities.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. lead the selection of coaching positions from applications and make personnel recommendations,

b. observe and evaluate all coaches in both practice and contest situations,

c. request, approve, and keep record of the training rules and policies of each coach (season),

d. develops and update Coaches handbook and will be responsible for making sure that said handbook is adhered to by the coaches and conforms to the MSHSL,

e. make recommendations to coaches regarding their professional development,

f. complete yearly program evaluations including end of season report,

g. make recommendations to hire/dismiss Coaches/Coordinators to the School Board,

h. obtain, coordinate and supervise all support personnel needed for activities, including all necessary workers


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. be responsible for developing a proposed general Activities budget, one year in advance, and submitting to the Business Manager,

b. be responsible for all financial matters relating to the athletic/activities budget,

c. oversee each individual athletic/activities budget,

d. authorize that payment be made to officials and coaches as per contracts (turned into Business Manager),

e. authorize payment for entry fees and to game workers and supervisory personnel as needed.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. make recommendations to the Superintendent for the improvement of Athletic facilities,

b. coordinate with the Head Custodian, using School Dude, the repair and maintenance of the football field, track, gymnasium, practice fields, etc. and ensure that proper field preparation is done before games.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. approve and coordinate, with the Transportation Coordinator, all transportation needs of the Athletic/Activities department,

b. direct the coaches/coordinators to comply with the Minnesota State Law regarding their carrying a list of athletes on the bus, along with their parent's names, addresses, phone numbers, and medical releases.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. supervise the cleaning, repair, storage, and security of all Activities equipment,

b. maintain a master list of inventory (perpetual inventory file of all Activities equipment),

c. authorize the purchase of new/replacement equipment as needed by the coaches,

d. arrange and coordinate storage sites and security for Activities equipment in conjunction with the coaches.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. responsible for the game and spectator supervision for all the home events as the official representative of ISD #38,

b. attend other activities/contests and activity performances as needed (traveling supervision),

c. demonstrate support for the district's student management policies and expected student behavior related to activities program,

d. ensure that student progress is evaluated on a regular, systematic basis, and the findings are used to make the Activities program more effective,

e. enforce academic requirements for each sport/activity as outlined in district policy.

Minnesota State High School League Activities

The Activities Coordinator will:

a. be the official liaison between the MSHSL and appropriate school personnel,

b. carry out all governing responsibilities concerning the MSHSL,

c. ensure that transfer rules and other MSHSL rules are adhered to at Red Lake Schools.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. direct publicity for all interscholastic activities, including but not limited to sports brochures, press releases, interviews, and contest rules,

b. submit each morning, announcements for the daily bulletin involving results of activities and subsequent up-coming events.


The Activities Coordinator will:

a. supervise and direct the planning and organization of all Activities award programs,

b. maintain a record of awards won by Red Lake School students in Activities and will develop a historical record for each sport and maintain an inventory of Activities awards,

c. authorize, in conjunction with the coaches, the awards and letters to be presented in each sport,

d. approve, in conjunction with the building principal, the policy on Activities Lettering for each specific activity, and all sports in general.

Develop and implement annual Community Education Plan

a. Schedule/creation of adult community education programs, September – April

b. develop and implement annual community education plan

c. Develop and implement community education summer programming activities partnering with Red Lake Tribal programs.

Other Duties as assigned

a. Manages, maintains records and delivers freight throughout the district as necessary.

b. Perform other such duties and assume other such responsibilities

Knowledge of:

1. District policies and procedures.

2. Athletic rules and regulations

3. School activities rules and regulations

Ability to:

1. Plan

2. Organize

3. Make decisions

4. Analyze and plan efficiently.

5. Communicate effectively with staff, co-workers, administrators and the general public.

6. Operate all technology needed with Activities and Athletics.

7. Maintain accurate records.

8. Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing

9. Manage time.

Skills of(in):

1. perform multiple, highly complex, technical tasks with a need to occasionally upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions.

2. Specific skill-based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include:

A. operating standard office equipment including utilizing pertinent software applications;

B. planning and managing projects and programs;

C. overseeing program financial activities;

D. developing effective working relationships;

E. preparing and maintaining accurate records;

F. and administering personnel policies and procedures.

To apply send complete District application, cover letter, resume, and credentials to: Human Resources , Red Lake School District #38, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671, fax to (218)679-2321, or email to


Ashley VanHorn

Genawenimaad Enokiinijin

(Human Resources Coordinator)

Red Lake Schools #38

(218) 679-5102 Office

(218) 679-2321 Fax


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