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Lawyer Threatens $250M-Plus Suit Against CNN over Sandmann Coverage


March 11, 2019

Attorneys for Nick Sandmann, the young MGAG-hat wearing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann whose confrontation with a Native American activist went viral, says he is suing CNN Monday (March 11)--Tuesday at the latest.Attorney L. Lin Wood said on Fox News' Life, Liberty and Levin Sunday (March 10). CNN "went after" Sandmann, who did nothing wrong and was "the only adult in the room."Wood has already sued the post for "reputational damage" for its coverage, and $200 million for punitive, but says CNN's coverage was worse and that while the reputational damage would be the same $200 million, the reputational damage figure would likely be higher. At the time that suit was filed back in February, CNN itself reported that Sandmann's attorneys had said that "was only the beginning."Wood called his client "collateral damage in CNN's war against the President of the United States. He said the network identified his client as part of a group hurling racial slurs and threatening the Black Hebrew Israelites during a Washington March for Life rally, an assertion that was totally false, Wood said. The President has made CNN the poster-network for his war against the mainstream media, though he has also put the Post and the New York Times and NBC News and others in that same category.


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