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Savanna's Act unexpectedly blocked in House

FARGO (KFGO) - A bill named in honor of Fargo murder victim Savanna Greywind has hit a roadblock. "Savanna's Act" was passed in the Senate last week, but the bill has been placed on hold in the House of Representatives.

The measure was introduced last year by Sen. Heidi Heitkamp. Heitkamp says the bill is being blocked by Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte. It's not clear why Goodlatte is blocking the bill. Goodlatte has not been available for comment.

"I'd like to see Congressman Goodlatte actually visit a reservation in North Dakota and explain to the families of victims why he is blocking this bill" Heitkamp said. "Unlike Congressman Goodlatte, I am serious about saving lives and making sure Native American women are invisible no longer."

Savanna's Act was designed to improve access to crime databases and reporting missing and murdered Native Americans. The Senate passed the bill by unanimous consent on Dec. 6.

The measure will die in the House if it fails to pass before the end of the current session of Congress.


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