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Deb Haaland Elected to be First Native American Women in Congress


November 8, 2018

Albuquerque, NM -- New Mexico’s First Congressional District has officially made history and Deb Haaland has been elected as one of the nation’s first Native American Congresswoman. Following the historic win, Haaland addressed a crowd of supporters at the Albuquerque Hotel.

“New Mexico made history tonight,” Haaland said. “I want to thank every single person who poured their heart and soul into this campaign. Congress has never heard a voice like mine, but when the 116th session of Congress begins, they will hear my voice.”

During her campaign for congress, Haaland set a bold progressive agenda to put people before corporate profits. That included a Green New Deal and 100% renewable energy, Medicare for All, protecting and expanding Social Security, investing in public education, humane immigration policy and an end to deportations and the harassment of immigrants living in America, and women’s reproductive rights.

“Healthcare is a right and not a privilege,” Haaland said. “I will fight to ensure every child gets a high-quality public education -- including an early childhood education through universal pre-k and day care. I will fight for women’s reproductive rights including abortion access. I will fight for a humane immigration policy. And I will fight for working families -- through policies like paid family leave and a $15 minimum wage -- to ensure every American has a real path to prosperity and success. And I will fight to ensure the federal government finally lives up to its trust responsibility to Native tribes.”

In her victory speech, Haaland said:

“Seventy years ago, Native Americans right here in New Mexico couldn’t vote. Growing up in my mother’s Pueblo household, and as a 35th generation New Mexican, I never imagined a world where I would be represented by someone who looked like me.

“Tonight, New Mexico, you are sending one of our nation’s first Native American women to Congress.

“We are at a critical juncture in our history. Now is the time to return to the most basic ideals of simply being good and kind people; welcoming the stranger; ensuring dignity and freedom for all -- no matter what we look like, who we love, how we pray, or where we were born.”

Note to Press: A livestream of Deb Haaland's victory speech is available here.

Deb Haaland is a 35th generation New Mexican who is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna, and also has Jemez Pueblo heritage. Deb grew up in a military family; her father was a 30-year combat Marine who was awarded the Silver Star Medal for saving six lives during Vietnam, and her mother is a Navy veteran who was a federal employee for 25 years in Indian education. Deb’s family moved throughout the country during her father’s military service; as a result, she attended 13 different public schools. She knows the sacrifices made by military families.

Deb is a single mother who volunteered at her daughter's pre-school in order to afford an early childhood education. Like so many New Mexicans, Deb had to rely on food stamps at times as a single parent. She has been a small-business owner. Deb has lived paycheck-to-paycheck and struggled to put herself through college and law school — but she did it through hard work and determination. Like so many New Mexicans, both Deb and her daughter are still paying off student loans.

Deb is running for Congress because she’s lived the struggles of everyday New Mexicans. She understands their needs and is best equipped to be our families’ fiercest advocate in Congress. She will fight tirelessly to create opportunities and improve livelihoods for all New Mexicans.

Learn more about Deb and her campaign at


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