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Red Lake School District Voters Asked to Approve $14 Million Loan from State of Minnesota for Building Project


October 31, 2018

On November 6, 2018, Red Lake School District voters will have the opportunity to vote on a Ballot Question. The ballot question reads: "Shall the School Board of Independent School District No. 38, Red Lake Minnesota be authorized to incur indebtedness of the District in the amount not to exceed $14,000,000 for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities at the Red Lake Early Childhood Center and Red Lake Elementary School, by applying for a loan from the State of Minnesota's maximum effort school loan fund?"

A yes vote means that a voter is giving approval for the school district to borrow $14 million from the State of Minnesota. A no vote means that a voter is not giving approval for the school district to borrow $14 million from the State of Minnesota.

In December 2017, the Red Lake School Board submitted a request to the Minnesota Legislature and Governor Dayton to borrow money from the State of Minnesota, through a Maximum Effort Loan. The State of Minnesota approved the loan in May 2018, contingent on the District's voters authorizing the School Board to incur the debt.

The purpose of the loan is for the betterment of school sites and facilities to include:

• Additional classrooms for the students of Red Lake Elementary and Early Childhood Center that are specifically designed for education rather than the many windowless storage rooms and closets that have been re-purposed as classrooms.

• Connection of Red Lake Elementary and Red Lake Early Childhood Center. The connection of the buildings will also allow the District to better utilize staff between the buildings, increasing our efficiency and adding to our ability to differentiate instruction for students.

• Renovation of various classrooms including music, art, computer labs and student support areas.

• The project provides for a larger and more efficient space for food service. The project includes adding on to the existing cafeteria which will add an additional 90 seats and redesigning the kitchen and serving area. This would allow the District to decrease the amount of time it takes to move students through breakfast and lunch.

• The project will provide students with a safer learning environment by creating one central entrance for students and the public to use during the school day and creating separate family drop off and bus loading areas.

• Update existing antiquated mechanical systems to improve efficiency.

Additional Information: Dayton signs $1.5 billion public works construction legislation that includes $14 million for Red Lake School District


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