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Metsa Holds Debt Free Higher Education Roundtable at Hibbing Community College

Students and faculty describe barriers; Metsa proposes debt-free two- and four-year college


Metsa and Hibbing Community College roundtable participants: Aaron Reini, Interim Dean of Academics; Michelle Chamernick, Advisor and SSS Grant Assistant; Jessica Matvey, Recruiter and Marketing Specialist; Mary Iozzo, Director of Disabilities; and Angela Kang, Director of Resident Housing Life.

HIBBING, MN -- Yesterday, Congressional candidate Jason Metsa met with staff and administrators at Hibbing Community College to discuss the barriers students face to affording the high-quality postsecondary education opportunities they need to thrive in a 21st Century economy.

"College debt holds thousands of Americans from achieving their full potential," Metsa said. "I'm grateful to Hibbing Community College for hosting a conversation focused on solutions like loan refinancing, cutting interest rates on government-held loans, and debt free college for all students regardless of income."

Metsa outlined his proposal for debt-free two- and four-year college. "Debt free college is good for all of us," Metsa told attendees. "Right now, hundreds of high-paying jobs go unfilled because potential employees do not have access to the training they need." For more information Metsa's Debt-Free Higher Education plan, find a fact sheet with more details attached.

Beyond college debt, participants discussed other barriers students face in achieving higher education. Low-income jobs, lack of transportation, and childcare shortages all make life difficult for students.These challenges alone make higher education difficult for students, especially non-traditional students. Debt free college would free up funds that students could invest in their families and their future.

Jason Metsa is a fifth-generation Iron Ranger, three-term State Legislator, union organizer, and candidate for Congress in Minnesota's Eighth District. For more information, visit


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