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School Security Coordinator - Red Lake Schools

Employment Opportunity

Posted: 06/28/2018 – 07/08/2018

Position Title: School Security Coordinator

Building: District Wide

Revised: 05/29/2018

Position Overview: Responsible for developing, organizing, and managing school safety and security programs. Provides leadership and expertise to the security team and administrative staff in security-related matters at all building levels. Establishes and interprets security policies and procedures; evaluates the security program; ensures that training programs meet/exceed state requirements and industry best practices. Helps in developing and maintaining crisis management plan; including planning and executing district response before, during and after disasters, emergencies and drills.

.Major Position Duties:


What you should know or accomplish in job function? PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: How will you know the job is done?

Department Administration

• Ensures implementation of overall building security policies, procedures and strategies on a daily basis.

• Monitor security cameras as assigned and review video surveillance systems during investigations as directed.

• Develop annual training plan for security staff.

• Lead training of Security Staff.

• Coordinates with Principals to monitor/conduct fire drills, lockdowns, tornado, and other emergency procedures to ensure compliance with established guidelines.

• Coordinates, with Facilities Director to the maintenance, repair and development of the districts camera surveillance system, radio systems and other security electronics.

• Develops procedures and protocols to prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from emergencies and the district's crisis management plan.

• Aid in developing and implementing prevention strategies in an effort to minimize the likelihood of school violence.

Quality Control

• Monitor video surveillance system.

• Check-in with security staff at each site daily.

• Visit each site to verify district security policies, procedures and protocols are being followed at least weekly.

• Check calibration and operational status of security and other electronic equipment.

• Complete regular threat assessments at each site.

• Participate in monthly crisis management committee meetings

• Administers District security policies, procedures and programs to ensure effective and professional security operations throughout the district.

Supervision and Staffing

• Coordinates with Principals to supervise/manage all security guard personnel.

• Serve as a substitute security guard when unable to secure a substitute.

• Conducts probationary and annual performance evaluation of all security personnel.

• Recruits employees who are properly placed for their position.

• Complete on-boarding procedures for new security guard personnel.

• Make arrangements for security guard personnel at special events for the District.

• Provides professional development programs for security guard personnel that meets or exceeds state mandates and school district best practices.

• Provide leadership and act as a mentor to security guard personnel.

Other Duties as Assigned

• Work with outside agencies

• Serve on committees, task forces, and special projects as assigned.

• Model non-discriminatory practices in all activities.

• Write reports for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying information.

• Actively respond to student behavior, including, but not limited to, physical altercations.

• Other duties as assigned.

• CPR and First Aid

• Defensive tactics

• Threat assessment



• Right-to-Know training

• Bloodborne pathogen training

• Customer service

• De-escalation and redirection techniques

• Crisis Prevention and Intervention training

• Understanding of seven grandfathers' gifts

• Build positive relationships with all staff and students

• Understanding of restorative justice

• Understanding of developmental design

• Understanding of adverse childhood experiences

• Possess a high school diploma (or equivalency) with some experience or training in a school security-related field.

• Knowledge of School Board policies and procedures.

• Knowledge of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

• Experience working in school security specifically or security field in general.

• Demonstrated ability to present information/lead discussion in front of groups.

Physical Requirements

• Continuously walk a maximum of four hours per shift

• Continuously stand for a maximum of three hours per shift

• Ability to sit a maximum of eight hours per shift

• Ability to bend, kneel, squat

• Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. occasionally

• Ability to push and pull up to 75 lbs. occasionally

• Full use of both hands

• Continuously complete repetitive movement

Professional and Ethical Requirements

• Maintains confidentiality

• Attend training as required

• Attend staff meetings as required

• Adhere to all district policies, plans, and procedures

• Prompt daily attendance

• Use professional behavior and language

• Read and respond to email communications

• Possess excellent human relations, leadership, and communications skills.

• Buildings are secure and proper security strategies are in place on a daily basis.

• During business hours, cameras are continually monitored.

• Knowledge of building and staff locations.

• Security Guard personnel is properly trained and adhere to policies/procedures.

• Staff are adequately trained.

• Actively attend and participate in all training, meetings, and assessments as required.

• Suspicious activity is reported and investigated promptly.

• Actively participate in coordinating drills and crisis situations, taking charge and directing others as necessary

• Special events have security, as needed.

• Professional development meets or exceeds state standards and district best practices.

• Regular threat assessments are being coordinated.

• Crisis Management plan is monitored and reviewed.

• School violence is reduced.

• Interact appropriately with students, using some or all of the following techniques:

o De-escalation language

o Redirection


o Seven Grandfathers' Gifts

o Developmental design


• Write reports that are complete, factual, and follow established guidelines.

• Build positive relationships with staff, students, and outside agencies

The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities, who are otherwise qualified, to perform the essential functions.

To apply send complete District application, cover letter, resume, and credentials to Ashley VanHorn, Red Lake School District #38, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671. E-mail: or by fax: 218-679-2321

Job Title: School Security Coordinator

Pay Grade: C41

Contract Length: 214 day contract (184 teacher days and 30 days in summer/vacations)

Supervisor: Business Manager


Ashley VanHorn

Genawenimaad Enokiinijin

(Human Resources Coordinator)

Red Lake Schools #38

(218) 679-5102 Office

(218) 679-2321 Fax


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