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Red Lake Elementary School recognizes 42 students in grades 1-5 for perfect attendance

On May 30th, 2018, Red Lake Elementary School recognized 42 RLES students in grades 1-5 that achieved perfect attendance for fourth quarter (March 26, 2018 to May 30, 2018). Perfect Attendance means no tardies and no absences! The following students were recognized:

First Grade:

Samiyah Stately, Shania Wind, Andrew Kingbird, Joaquin Ryan, Connor Little, Callie May,

Second Grade:

Viola Jones, Lisadie Defoe, Lily Lussier, Lester Loud, Katherine Kelly, Silas Strong, Jairdyn May, Standing Bear Stately

Third Grade:

Sayden Stately, Aubrielle Burnette-Roy, Sylus Wind, Isabella Jourdain, Kaden Desjarlait, Frank Weise, Annmarie Fontenelle, Jasielyn Jones, Allessandra Wind, Aries Morrison

Fourth Grade:

Ayden Neadeau, KaeLeigh Lussier, Ryan Kingbird, Ethan Zavoral, Patrick Strong, Deondre White, Brayden Roy-Strong, Cambria Graves-White, Kyon Lussier, Lucas Jones

Fifth Grade:

Harleigh Jourdain, Noah Jones, Louis Fontenelle, Kiani Donnell, Angel Fisherman, Lindsey Lussier, Destyney Guinn, Matthew Sumner

In addition, on this date, the Red Lake Elementary School recognized 15 students who maintained perfect attendance (no tardies or absences) for the entire school year (September 5th 2017 to May 30th, 2018. These 15 students are:

Lucas Jones, Louis Fontenelle, Harleigh Jourdain, Kyon Lussier, Cambria Graves-White, Ryan Kingbird, Jasielyn Jones, Katherine Kelly, Standing Bear Stately, Lily Lussier, Jairdyn May, Lisadie Defoe, Viola Jones, Andrew Kingbird, and Samiyah Stately


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