Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Hastings nurse gives meds 'incorrectly,' potentially exposes 186 to disease

TAHLEQUAH – A nurse administering medications “incorrectly” at W.W. Hastings Hospital has led to the possibility of 186 patients potentially being exposed to infectious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis C, Cherokee Nation officials said.

“A nurse was administering medications incorrectly. The nurse used the same vial of medication and syringe to inject more than one IV bag,” a spokesperson for Cherokee Nation Health Services said. “Patients were never directly in contact with any needle. In all instances, medication was administered into an IV bag, or tubing. The likelihood of blood borne pathogens traveling up the lines into an IV bag or IV tubing to cause cross contamination from using the same syringe is extremely remote.”


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