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UPDATED: Dayton signs $1.5 billion public works construction legislation that includes $14 million for Red Lake School District

On Tuesday, May 30, 2018, Governor Mark Dayton signed off on $1.5 billion public works construction legislation that included $14 million for Red Lake School District.

For years Red Lake District officials have been working to secure funding for the design and construction of a new structure between the Red Lake Early Childhood Center and the Red Lake Elementary School. It would add about 20,450 in square footage between the two current buildings and connect them.

The project will also renovate 41,420 square feet in the Elementary School with improvements to classrooms and the cafeteria as well as increasing security.

The Minnesota House of Representatives and the Senate passed a bonding bill with $825 million for public works construction projects as they were winding down on Sunday night a week ago. The legislation passed the Senate in a 42-25 vote and was then returned to the House, where it was approved 113-13.

The district had originally asked for $14.5 million, but they have the remaining $491,647.00 from general fund balance and savings. They plan on starting the project as soon as possible.

The Red Lake Elementary School is at or above maximum capacity in all program areas. Special purpose classrooms designed for art, science and music instruction are now being used as general education classrooms. Sudents are receiving math and reading small group instruction in spaces intended to be used as storage spaces. In 2014-15, the District added one section of first grade by repurposing a supplemental education room. Due to increasing enrollment in 2015-16, the District added an additional section to both first and second grade, and to do so combined two special education classrooms, increasing the number of special education students utilizing the space.

The Early Childhood Center building reached its capacity at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year when one section of kindergarten was added. In 2014-15, the District added another section of kindergarten by repurposing a special education classroom and the media center. There are currently eight sections of kindergarten.

For 2017-18, an additional section of 5th grade will be added. This required converting a computer lab into a classroom and repurposing 25% of the current media center as a computer lab.

In 2014-15, the District expanded its four-year-old school readiness program to four days per week and added additional sections to the three-year old school readiness program. The additional programs recessitated the repurposing of a special education sensory classroom to a regular classroom, repurposing the only computer lab into a classroom and providing math and reading small-group intervention classes in spaces intended as storage rooms.

Project at a Glance

* $14,491,647 maximum effort capital loan to predesign, design, construct additions, renovate, furnish and equip Red Lake Elementary (Grade 1-5) and Early Childhood Center (PK-K).

* New square footage (20,450 sf)

18,150 sf addition to include six classrooms, support services area, connecting link between Red Lake Elementary and Early Childhood Center, centralized main entrance.

2,300 sf addition to Red Lake Elementary School Cafeteria increasing seating capacity by 90.

* Renovated square footage (41m420 sf)

Renovate and relocate existing music and art rooms that have been converted to classrooms.

Renovate existing computer labs and student support areas.

Renovate and relocate special education classrooms to accommodate demographics of special education students.

Update existing antiquated mechanical and HVAC system to improve efficiency.

* Redesign of bus loading and unloading zones.

Estimated Project Timeline

June - November 2018 - Predesign and Design

December 2018 - Submit Plan to State for Review

January - February 2019 - Develop Bid Documents

March - April 2019 - Advertise Bids, receive bids, accept bids

July 2019 - Construction begins on project additions

June 2020 - Renovation of existing spaces begins

August 2020 - Completion of building additions

August 2021 - Completion of renovation


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