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Custodian I - Red Lake Schools #38

Employment Opportunity

Internal/External Posting: 05/29/2018 – 06/08/2018

Position Description: Custodian I

Supervisor: Custodian III or designee

Bargaining Group: Minnesota School Employees Association

Building: Red Lake Secondary Complex

Terms: 12 month contract Full-Time

Position Overview: To ensure cleanliness, safety and security of buildings and mechanical operations, by maintaining a pleasant environment for faculty, staff, students and the public.


1. High School Diploma

2. Specialist Boilers License.

3. Frequently lift and carry up to 50 lbs., rarely lift and carry up to 100 lbs., perform repetitive movements, stand and walk for 90% of work day, frequently stoop, bend and/or crouch, continuously grasp and handle various tools and equipment, frequently push and pull equipment.

4. Good communication skills, personal appearance and a cooperative attitude required

5. Willingness to assist where needed and the ability to establish good working relationships is essential.

To apply, complete a District employment application and submit with a cover letter and resume to: Ashley VanHorn, Human Resource Coordinator, Red Lake Schools #38, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671. Veteran Preference and Native American Preference.

Major Position Duties:

Regular Routine Duties Required Skills

(What you have to know to accomplish the job) Performance Standards

(How will you know the job is done)

Routine Cleaning Tasks (see CCAP tasking guideline for specific cleaning tasks to assigned area.

1. Cleans all area and surface types within assigned areas, including but not limited to:

a. Restrooms

b. Classrooms

c. Media Centers

d. Conference Rooms

e. Cafeteria/kitchen

f. Corridors/hallways

g. Entry/vestibules

h. Auditoriums

i. Gymnasiums

j. Weight Rooms

k. Locker rooms

1. Cleans all surfaces within assigned area including but not limited to:

a. Dusting – high/low

b. Ceiling – vents/lights

c. Furniture/fixtures

d. Whiteboard/Chalkboard

e. Walls/wall fixtures

f. Glass/windows/mirrors

g. Hard floor/carpet

h. Sinks/drinking fountains

i. Counters/cabinets

j. Urinals/toilets/partitions

k. Trash/recycle receptacles

l. Pencil sharpeners

m. Audio visual/phones

n. Corners/base cove

o. Mats/rugs

1. Uses appropriate cleaning chemicals on all surfaces following chemical manufactures directions to ensure cleanliness and prevent damage to surfaces.

2. Re-fill supplies and maintain dispensers such as soap, towel and toilet paper holders.

3. Uses appropriate cleaning equipment and hand tools on all surfaces following manufactures instructions to ensure proper use and maintenance of equipment.

4. Works efficiently, using time management techniques to build efficient cleaning routines.

5. Remove and dispose of garbage from facilities, ensuring recyclable materials are collected and deposited in designated areas.

6. Keep a clean and well supplies custodial room and storage area.

7. Maintain supply inventory for assigned area.

Knowledge of:

1. Applicable district policies

2. Applicable Minnesota Department of Health Policies

3. Applicable Minnesota State Fire Code

4. Applicable State and Federal safety regulations

5. The use of cleaning chemicals and neutralizers

6. Proper cleaning procedures and troubleshooting

7. School facilities

8. Plumbing theory

9. Electrical theory

10. HVAC theory

11. Boiler theory

12. Painting techniques

13. Mechanical equipment and preventative maintenance

14. Computers and related electronic equipment

15. Fire alarm and security alarm systems

Ability to:

1. Cooperate with staff and relate to others

2. Analyze cleaning problems

3. Operate and maintain cleaning equipment

4. Operate and use small tools, ladders and power equipment

5. Paint various types of surfaces using appropriate paints and supplies

6. Identify problems with fire and security alarm systems

7. Take appropriate action when needed

8. Keep required records

9. Operate computers

10. Promote good public relations between staff, students and the public

11. Identify fire and safety hazards

12. Manage time/work priorities

13. Maintain accurate records

14. Work Independently

15. Demonstrate consistent and reliable attendance

Skills of(in):

i. Operating various cleaning equipment

ii. Use of small tools, ladders, etc.

iii. Painting Routine Cleaning Tasks (see CCAP tasking guideline for specific cleaning tasks to assigned area.

1. All area types were cleaned within assigned area.

2. All surfaces were cleaned within assigned area(s).

3. Appropriate cleaning chemicals were used on all surfaces; chemical manufacturers directions were properly followed showing a clean undamaged surface.

4. Supplies, such as soap. Towels and toilet paper were refilled and cabinets well maintained.

5. Cleaning equipment and hand tools were properly used on all surfaces and maintained as directed by manufacturer.

6. Cleaning routine has been developed, followed, and time is used efficiently.

7. Garbage and recyclable material has been properly removed from the assigned area and building and deposited in the appropriate waste containers.

8. Assigned custodial storage area has been kept clean, maintained and is well stocked with supplies.

9. Work orders have been entered for required repairs in assigned area.

Setup and cleanup for events and activities.

1. Monitor activities in assigned building/area and adjust work schedule as needed to support scheduled events.

2. Prepare areas for scheduled activities, ensuring all requested equipment is assembled properly and that all areas are clean and safe for public use.

3. Provide assistance as requested by the principal or supervisor.

4. Disassemble equipment and perform cleanup of area after scheduled activities are over.

Setup and cleanup for events and activities.

1. Activities in assigned building were monitored and hours were adjusted to comply with scheduled events.

2. Areas for scheduled events were prepared; all requested equipment was assembled properly and the areas were clean and safe for public use.

3. Assistance was provided to the principal and supervisor as directed.

4. Equipment was disassembled and properly stored, areas in use were cleaned after scheduled activities were over.

Project/restoration cleaning

1. Prepare, clean and restore all hard surface floors, following approved application and cleaning methods.

2. Extraction of all carpet areas; use appropriate spotters to remove stains.

3. Clean walls and other surfaces using approved chemicals and tools as to not damage surface.

4. Wash lights, vents and ceiling fixtures.

5. Clean restrooms and wash stations ensuring that all tile and fixtures are clean and working properly.

6. Clean corridor areas, entries, etc.

7. Ensure drinking fountains and fixtures are clean and in working condition.

8. Wash exterior glass and interior windows; ensuring that they clean and streak free.

9. Assist with moving furniture and supplies between buildings and classrooms.

Project/restoration cleaning

1. All hard surface flooring was properly prepared and approved application and cleaning methods were used.

2. All carpet areas are extracted using approved spotters to remove stains.

3. Walls and surfaces are clean and undamaged using approved chemicals and tools.

4. Lights, vents and ceiling fixtures are clean

5. Restrooms and wash areas, including tile and fixtures are thoroughly clean and working properly.

6. Corridor areas and entries are clean.

7. Drinking fountains and fixtures are clean and working properly.

8. All exterior glass and interior windows are clean and streak free.

9. Furniture and supplies were moved as needed between classrooms and buildings.

Operate and maintain custodial equipment

1. Read operational manuals for all equipment prior to use.

2. Perform daily inspections of all equipment; ensuring that bags, pads and filters are changed as needed.

3. Perform proper battery maintenance on all battery operated equipment.

4. Perform preventative and corrective maintenance on all equipment; filling out work orders for repairs as needed.

5. Rinse out buckets, sinks, mops, etc. Operate and maintain custodial equipment

1. Operations manual is read for all equipment prior to use.

2. Daily inspections are completed of all equipment; bags, filters and pads are changed as needed.

3. Batteries on battery powered equipment are properly maintained.

4. Preventative and corrective maintenance on all equipment has been completed.

5. Work orders have been entered for repair of equipment.

6. Buckets, mops and sinks have been rinsed and are kept clean.

Snow and ice removal

1. Assists with snow removal for all sidewalks.

2. Keep sidewalks free of ice.

3. Keep entries and fire exits clear of snow and hazards

4. Assist in keeping roof vents snow free. Snow and ice removal

1. Snow was removed from all sidewalks.

2. Sidewalks are free of ice.

3. Entries and fire exits are clear of snow hazards.

4. Roof vents are clear during winter months.

Performs additional work as assigned by supervisor

1. Remain flexible and change plan as situation dictates.

2. Aid principal in securing areas in the event of an emergency.

3. Assist district maintenance staff as directed by supervisor.

4. Participates in District training programs.

5. Other duties as assigned by supervisor. Performs additional work as assigned by supervisor

1. Remained flexible and changed plan as situation dictated.

2. Aided Principal in securing areas in event of emergency.

3. Assisted maintenance staff as directed by supervisor or designee.

4. Participated in District training programs.

5. Completed all additional assignments as assigned supervisor.

Ashley VanHorn

Human Resources

Red Lake Schools #38

(218) 679-5102 Office

(218) 679-2321 Fax


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