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Deb Haaland's Statement on Legislation to Protect Chaco Canyon Area

For far too long the fossil fuel industry has worked to destroy the sacred places of indigenous people; places like my ancestral homeland of Chaco Canyon – building their profit off of our pain, and destroying our climate and communities in the process. The legislation presented today by Senators Udall and Heinrich, and supported by New Mexico Tribal Leaders is exactly what we need to prevent the leasing of this land for fracking.

I'm proud that our New Mexico leadership has made the protection of Chaco Canyon a priority and that this treasure of all New Mexicans and all Americans may remain intact for our future generations.

Deb is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna. She grew up in a military family; her father was a 30-year combat Marine who was awarded the Silver Star Medal during Vietnam, and her mother is a Navy veteran who went on to work 25 years in Indian education. Deb’s family moved throughout the country during her father’s military service; as a result, she attended 13 different high schools before graduating. She knows the sacrifices made by military families all too well — because she’s lived them.

Deb is a single mother who has cleaned toilets and swept floors to afford her daughter’s early childhood education. Like so many New Mexicans, Deb had to rely on food stamps at times as a single parent. She has been a small-business owner and knows her colleagues’ challenges firsthand. Deb has lived paycheck-to-paycheck and struggled to put herself through college and law school — but she did it through hard work and determination. Like so many New Mexicans, both Deb and her daughter are still working to pay off exorbitant higher-education loans. Unlike her opponents, Deb is not in a position to self-fund her campaign.

Deb is running for Congress because she’s lived the struggles of everyday New Mexicans. She understand their needs and is best equipped to be our families’ fiercest advocate in Congress. She will fight tirelessly to create opportunities and improve livelihood for all New Mexicans.

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