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$825 million bonding bill includes Red Lake School District; awaits governor's signature

The Minnesota House of Representatives and the Senate passed a bonding bill with $825 million for public works construction projects as they were winding down on Sunday night. The legislation passed the Senate in a 42-25 vote and was then returned to the House, where it was approved 113-13.

One regional education project receiving funding were improvements at the Red Lake School district for $14 million for the design and construction of a connection structure between the Red Lake Early Childhood Center and the Red Lake Elementary School. Additionally, the funding will be used for renovations to various classrooms, labs and support rooms as well as updates to the mechanical systems and the cafeteria. The district had originally asked for $14.5 million.

District 2A Rep. Matt Grossell is quoted as calling the bill is a "great win for our area."

"It includes funding for maintenance and repairs to both the one-room schoolhouse at Northwest Angle Inlet School and Red Lake School as well as funding for the Bemidji State University learning center," Grossell said. "I am especially proud of securing state funding for the veteran's home in Bemidji that will serve veterans across northern Minnesota, including five Native American reservations. It brings these veterans homes another step closer to reality."

It is uncertain now if Dayton will sign or veto the bill.

Red Lake hopes the bill will be signed because the space is needed at Red Lake Elementary School and the Early Childhood Center.


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