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Official Statement from Red Lake, Inc. and Red Lake Fisheries Board

As all of you know who attended the Annual Fisheries Board meeting, the election had to be postponed. The Fisheries Board and Red Lake, Inc. Board of Directors convened a special meeting on Monday, April 23, 2018. At that meeting the Fishery Board voted unanimously to move the Annual Fisheries Board election to August. The exact date and time will be posted when known. A copy of the election by-laws are available at Red Lake Inc. offices and at the Fisheries if interested.

The Fisheries sustained incredible losses this year and the three fishermen will never be forgotten. The losses sustained brought a Plan of Action from the fisheries to make sure this will never happen again. To ensure the [utmost] safety for the Netting Crew at the Fisheries, the Fisheries Manager and Red Lake, Inc. Corporate have been working diligently on a safety plan. The following is a list of safety protocols that will need to be completed by each Fisheries Netting Crew Member going forward:

* Each member of the Fisheries Net Crew will have to take a mandatory Coast Guard Training class that will be set up by the Fisheries and each member will need to complete before starting the job.

* All members of the Boat Crew will be subject to the Random Drug Testing.

* Each day the Boat Captains will have to complete a safety checklist provided by the Fisheries.

* Each boat will be equipped with a waterproof GPS tracker.

* Each member of the Boat Crew will be provided with a float jacket (USCG Certified personal floatation device) for working in cold temperatures. (Mandatory Usage)

* Each member of the Boat Crew will be issued a Personal Locator Beacon (GPS, Strobe).

* Each boat will have a Marine Radio installed with a base station located at the Fisheries.

There will be a zero tolerance policy if any of these safety measures are not followed.

The safety procedures listed only pertain to the Netting Crew. The Fisheries is dedicated to all of their staff and want the best for each and every one of them. The current Policy & Procedures will be updated on a seasonal basis, this will include safety guidelines for the whole operation. We appreciate all of the support we had at the Fisheries during our most difficult time. We are wishing everyone, including our employees, and community anglers a safe and productive fishing season.


Harvey Roy III



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