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Iowa's Anti-Protest Bill Would Make The Boston Tea Partiers Felons

In what might be one of the most dramatic crackdowns on non-violent protest in recent years, the Iowa state legislature just passed a bill to make it a felony, punishable by up to 25 years in jail, for any “unauthorized and overt act intended to cause” a substantial and widespread “interruption or impairment of a fundamental service” of gas, oil, petroleum or refined petroleum products.

The bill is a ramped-up version of the generic “Critical Infrastructure Protection Act” that the American Legislative Exchange Council, a Virginia-based national conservative group, is pushing across the country. Iowa’s legislation criminalizes protest on any “land, building, conveyance, or other temporary or permanent structure” or a “water supply treatment, collection, storage or delivery system” considered part of the fossil fuel industry’s “critical infrastructure.”


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