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Family saddened by the discovery of two bodies in Red Lake

The two fisherman that disappeared into the icy waters of Lower Red Lake last fall have been found.

Police say after thousands of hours searching and hundreds of acres covered, the search is now over for the Red Lake community.

The body of Deland Beaulieu, the second of the two missing fisherman, was accompanied to the Red Lake Hospital, followed by dozens of family members and loved ones.

"I was at home and she called me and her grandma called me and said, you have to get out there because they found them." Crystal Raincloud, the mother of two of Deland's six kids got the call she has been waiting for, for nearly 6 months.

"Its kind of explainable, you know. She's been having a hard time, I know. I know she is too. It's hard, you know?" said Deland.

Back in November, search crews raced against the advancing ice on Lower Red Lake after the commercial fishing boat capsized.

Lisa Beaulieu was there. Beaulieu worked in the office of same fishery where the men worked.

Beaulieu said she rushed to the scene where the boat flipped and helped rescue one of the fisherman that swam to shore.

"We actually put them in my truck and rushed them to the hospital. Let law enforcement know exactly where it happened, where he came out of." said Beaulieu.

Red Lake Police say it was a long six months of searching and finally on Thursday they used an underwater remote operated vehicle using sonar and underwater cameras to locate the last of the two men.

Loved ones at the hospital say Deland was a good father. A man who loved the lake and his family is now home.

Family says Beaulieu's mother has been searching for him everyday, even drilling holes in the ice herself until they found him.

Police aren't releasing the name of the 17-year-old boy because he is still a minor.

Official autopsies have been ordered to determine the cause of death.


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