Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

"Ganawenjigeng Miinawaa Naadamaageng" – To Protect And Serve

“Ganawnjigeng miinawaa Naadamaageng” – translated from the Ojibwe language, those words mean “to protect and serve,” and never have words meant so much. Those words are now proudly displayed on all marked police vehicles in Bemidji and while it is a simple gesture, the department hopes it will have a lasting impact.

Over the last few years, Bemidji Police have dedicated time and resources to improve and grow community policing, saying that the latest addition to the department’s vehicles is another step in the right direction.

For members of the Bemidji Ojibwe Project, having the Ojibwe language presented on law enforcement vehicles is something they are glad to see happen.

Much of this group’s grassroots efforts has included Ojibwe signage at many businesses and area schools. The hope is that the Ojibwe language will help further promote the culture and bring more people together.

The special decals appear on all marked police department vehicles. Bemidji Police will be handing out magnets with the Ojibwe slogan at the Bemidji Jaycees Home, Sport, and Travel Show in April.


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