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Red Lake Comprehensive Health Dental Prevention Program - Dental Health Month

The Red Lake Comprehensive Health Dental Prevention Program had a wonderful month celebrating Dental Health Month throughout February.

They educated the Headstart Program with a fun little skit. A handful of children dressed up as teeth as Beth Schmid, the Dental Hygienist and Olivia Ringstad talked to the children about healthy and unhealthy food options for a happy healthy smile.

The children then brushed and flossed to remove the good and bad food choices on their classmates.

Thank You Headstart for helping us teach our children how to care for their mouths with this fun activity. The children were great participants.

Pictured are Celia Littlecreek, Olivia Ringstad, Oran Beaulieu, Beth Schmid and Samantha Kappedahl. Together they make up the Red Lake Comprehensive Health School Dental Prevention Program. Not pictured are Dr.Canada and Cathy Gunvalson.

Our dental team has been busy seeing all the beautiful young faces at St.Mary's Mission School, Red Lake Elementary, School, Red Lake and Ponemah Headstart, Red Lake Kindergarten, Ponemah Elementary School, Red Lake Middle School and the Tribal Immersion Program. We have provided all children with parental consent to our program with cleanings, fluoride applications, Dental Sealants to undecayed teeth and Temporary Sedative Material placed for relief of pain.

All children receive a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste along with Oral Hygiene instructions. Reports on the health of each child's teeth and recommendations are then sent home for follow up. These Preventative and Palliative Services help reduce the risk of dental disease. A Healthy mouth is part of total health and wellness, and makes a child more ready to learn.

Thank You to all the staff and students at the Red Lake Elementary School for helping our team create our Dental Health Boards to Celebrate Dental Health Month in February. The children did an amazing job coloring teeth, decorating teeth and writing down "How I Keep a Healthy Smile"- their responses were great!

Ms. Kim Johnson's 3rd grade class pictured above with the Dental Health Board at the Elementary School along with our School Dental Prevention Program staff Beth Schmid, Olivia Ringstad and Samantha Kappedal. Also pictured are several other 1st- 5th grade classes showing off their Rock Star Smiles. The Dental boards at the school and hospital could not have turned out any better without these young children's help-Way to Go Red Lake Elementary Students!!


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