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Florida gun bill draws ire of shooting's survivors

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Senate on Monday will consider landmark guns legislation that would create a program for arming teachers, raise the minimum age for buying a rifle to 21 and pour millions of dollars into mental health programs.

An amendment backed by Democrats to include a ban on assault weapons did not make the bill. Also rejected was an amendment to allow police to seize weapons from someone under a domestic violence injunction


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JaddyBaddy writes:

Colonel Jessup and his Doctrine Compliance Regulators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School execute a Code Red on some poor witless kid for three, four years running. The terrorized kid comes back to reek vengeance, and who do they blame? Walmart. While they tear down Building 12 of MSDHS, to bury all that evidence hidden in the graffiti carved in the desks and written on the bathroom walls, Jessup and his regulators get off Scott free. Slick

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