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To whom it may concern,

I have decided not to seek a fourth term as Beltrami County Sheriff in the 2018 fall election. The opportunity to serve as Sheriff of this great county has been the most gratifying experience in my 42 years of law enforcement. I want to thank the citizens of Beltrami County for all their support. It has been my honor to serve them as Sheriff.

I particularly want to thank the men and women of the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office for their hard work and dedication to the citizens and to this organization. Every day they come to work prepared to do a job that is both challenging and difficult, and they do so with a great sense of duty and professionalism.

The Sheriff's Office has reduced crime in our neighborhoods and improved safety on our roads over the last 11 years in our county. Our Office has collaborated with other disciplines in Education, Health, Human Services, Mental Health and Criminal Justice to pilot alternatives to incarceration of mentally ill individuals and seek locally based treatment options. You can be proud of the effort your Sheriff's Office is undertaking on your behalf to save taxpayer dollars while providing the most compassionate and efficient service in your county.

I especially want to thank County Administrator Kay Mack for her advice and support to me and to the Sheriff's Office and I want to thank the current and former Beltrami County Commissioners and all the County Department Heads and elected officials across Beltrami County for their support during my tenure as Sheriff.

I am proud of what we have accomplished during my time in this elected position. It is essential for the Sheriff's Office to continue to provide progressive and innovative services for our citizens. Chief Deputy Sheriff Ernie Beitel has been instrumental in the operation and strategic planning in the Sheriff's Office; that is why I am encouraging Ernie to run for Beltrami County Sheriff. Ernie is well respected in Northern Minnesota's law enforcement community. His experience and leadership has been invaluable to me and the citizens of Beltrami County.

I look forward to completing my term through the remainder of this year; it has been my sincere pleasure to serve as your Beltrami County Sheriff.

Sheriff Phil Hodapp


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