Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

2018 New Year's Eve Pow Wow held at the Red Lake Humanities Center - Set 2 - P5

New Year's Eve Gathering & Pow-wow 2017 Contest Winner's

Golden Age Women (Combined)

1st Place$400.00= Vera Kingbird

2nd Place$300.00:=Donna Whitefeather

3rd Place$200.00= Hazel Joseph

4th Place$100.00= Ruby Whitefeather

Golden Age Men (Combined)

1st Place$400.00=Royce Kingbird

2nd Place$300.00=: Earl Fairbanks

3rd Place$200.00=Leland Whitefeather

4th Place$100.00=Arnold Kingbird Sr.

Adult Women (Combined)

1st Place$400.00 =Ashley Kingbird

2nd Place$300.00=Whitney Spears

3rd Place$200.00 =Roberta Vanwert

4th Place$100.00: =Patricia Bug

Adult Men (Combined)

1st Place$400.00 =Mark Kingbird Sr.

2nd Place$300.00=Ian Bearheart

3rd Place$200.00= Mike Needham

4th Place$100.00=Saunders Stillday

Teen Girls (Combined)

1st Place$200.00:=Lori Kingbird

2nd Place$150.00=Cherish Kingbird

3rd Place$100.00=Selena Jourdain

4th Place$50.00=Elise White

Teen Boys (Combined)

1st Place$200.00=Marlyn Black Jr.

2nd Place$150.00= Kevern Kingbird

3rd Place$100.00=Giniw Buckanaga

4th Place$50.00=Slim Barrett

Junior Girls (Combined)

1st Place$100.00=Miika Needham

2nd Place$75.00= Natanne Caldwell

3rd Place$50.00=Joanna Kingbird

4th Place$25.00 Madison Kingbird

Junior Boys (Combined)

1st Place$100.00= Joseph Harper

2nd Place$75.00= Cade Dow

3rd Place$50.00=Destin Cloud

4th Place$25.00 James Johnson


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