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13 Days And 9 Police Officers…….


November 22, 2017

13 days, 9 officers dead. Their pictures aren’t going viral, the internet is not outraged, and it’s not newsworthy. None of the families will receive benefits and many will not get a funeral with honors. Their deaths will go unnoticed by the general public. Why? Because they weren’t killed by others. They were killed by the demons in their heads and society does not see them.

I see them, but I don’t see all of them. Too many are still hidden, unreported, and afraid. Afraid to acknowledge that their loves ones completed suicide. Why? Because a Facebook LEO support page recently called an 18 year veteran of the force a coward for taking his life. Because a department refuses to give a 16 year veteran a funeral with honors. Because we say “It is not how these officers died that made them heroes, it is how they lived,” and we lie as we say it.


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