56 Members Of Congress Sign Letter To FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Opposing Changes To The Lifeline Program Which Attack Low-income Families, Veterans, and Native American Tribes


November 17, 2017

KENNETT SQUARE, PA--(Marketwired - Nov 16, 2017) - The National Lifeline Association (Referred to as "NaLA") reports that 56 members of Congress have signed and delivered a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai opposing changes to the Lifeline Program which attack low-income families, Veterans, and Native American Tribes.

The Lifeline Program was created 30 years ago by President Reagan to help ensure that the most vulnerable Americans - which include low-income families, Veterans, and Native Americans - have access to lifesaving communications services. The program was updated and reformed under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to accommodate for technological advances and to strengthen the program's integrity by minimizing fraud, waste, and abuse.



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