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Dive teams called in for lake search


November 15, 2017

REDBY, MN (WDAZ-TV) -- Dozens of specialized divers from North Dakota, left Grand Forks tonight to help with the search for two missing boaters in Minnesota.

The teams left equipped with ice divers, air boats and specialized underwater cameras.

The boaters went missing last week on the Lower Red Lake when their commerical fishing boat overturned.

One person swam to shore.

The lake is freezing fast, hampering efforts of water teams there who don't have the necessary equipment.

Lt. BJ Maxson, Grand Forks Sheriff's Department, "We are sending both of our airboats which are great in that type of service, even if they run out of ice and hit open water again, that's the type of watercraft that can handle any type of surfaces that they encounter the next couple of days."

The first item on the agenda is reocvering the fishing boat which is frozen in the water.

The teams plan on spending at least two days on the Lower Red Lake.



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