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FBI, Border Patrol, Volunteers continue search for 2 missing MN fishermen


November 8, 2017

REDBY, Minn. - One man is hospitalized and two others are still missing after their fishing boat capsized in the icy waters of Red Lake.

Now the FBI, Border Patrol and local volunteers are searching by air and by water to find the two.

Red Lake can be unforgiving this time of year, and the community of Redby is shaken.

"We're all close. Especially when it comes to something like this," said Buffy Barret, a co-worker and fishing partner of the two missing anglers.

Last night, three men working as commercial fisherman went out trying to bring in a couple more catches before the ice moves in.

"Seemed to be having some difficulty with the boat. One guy swam to shore, told the other two guys to stay with the boat. By the time he arrived to shore he noticed the boat had capsized and did not see the occupants," said Red Lake Police Chief William Brunelle.

the truck the three men took out yesterday broke through the ice, and has been there all night. They're not worried about that . They're worried about trying to get boats out to search for the two missing men.

"We'd risk our life for any one of our people on the boat."

For volunteer Buffy Barrett, this search is particularly difficult.

"I literally cried myself to sleep last night," Barrett added.

She knows the missing 29-year-old Deland Beaulieu just got married and became a father, and says she remembered teasing the 17-year-old that's missing.

"You know, I'd tease him because my arms were bigger than his, you know. We're all a family when we're out here."

The reason she knows them.

"This could have been me out there."

She worked on that same boat up until a couple months ago.

"Feeling all kinds of guilt, because I no longer work on that boat, but that was my crew. That was the boat I took out every day for the past two years."

Buffy says she's she'll keep looking for them as long law enforcement lets them tonight.

"Pray for them, pray for guidance. That's all we can do is pray for guidance."

Police didn't want to call the search a recovery effort yet -- they say it's still an open investigation, but they say they are racing mother nature as ice continues to move in on the lake.


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