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Indigenous Entrepreneur Retains Cambridge LLP

TORONTO, Nov. 3, 2017 — Over a 10-year period, First Nations entrepreneur Liam Massaubi has built a pronounced reputation as an innovator in the business community. Massaubi, who is Mohawk and Ojibwe, has been a key player in the building of numerous brands and corporations and has worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions in Aboriginal communities, including supporting First Nations’ entrepreneurship and economic development.

Through his dedication and hard work, Massaubi also has established an excellent reputation as a young entrepreneur, overcoming substantial systemic barriers in his life while challenging the status quo to create success for himself and others. Massaubi is well known for his work ethic, activism and philanthropy.

Unfortunately, Massaubi’s very public success also has resulted in him becoming a victim of libelous attacks. Massaubi recently retained Cambridge LLP, a formidable litigation firm specializing in internet defamation law, to expose these cowardly attacker(s) who choose to try and cloak themselves in the pseudo-anonymity of the internet, afraid of the public exposure of their falsehoods.

“Unfortunately, the internet provides a false sense of anonymity to those persons looking to harm others,” says Manjit Singh, head of the defamation law practice group at Cambridge LLP. “To their later regret, such people eventually discover that the thin veil of internet pseudo-anonymity is quite often lifted by the Courts, and that the truth will eventually come to light.”

The anonymous defamatory posts against Massaubi focus on a company that he built during his college career, operated for seven years without so much as a negative review, and then sold to move onto real estate and construction businesses. The cowardly, anonymous attacks against Massaubi are nothing more than malicious lies, specifically designed to harm his good reputation and negatively impact his current and future business opportunities.

Massaubi is working vigorously to expose the person or persons behind these attacks to the scrutiny of the public Courts. Once exposed, Massaubi intends to prosecute a civil claim for damages against his attacker(s) to the fullest extent of the law.


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