Actor Asks Fellow Stars to Boycott Show After Asian Actress Cast in Native Role


August 30, 2017

White-washing remains a real problem in Hollywood. Do you know how many white women have portrayed Asian characters over the years? A lot. And in very recent years, we might add. Emma Stone played a character named Allison Ng, a half-Chinese/half-Native Hawaiian woman, in 2015’s Aloha; Scarlett Johansson portrayed a character named Motoko Kusanagi in 2017’s Ghost in the Shell, a movie in which producers reportedly ran tests to make white actors appear Asian(?!?!?!); Elizabeth Banks took on the iconic role of Rita Repulsa in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot. (If you’re a fan of the OG PR, then you’d know Rita is an Asian woman.) See? It’s a problem.


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