Republican Native Americans Jockey for Trump Administration Posts


January 24, 2017

Potential Republican Native American appointees who would create and carry out the next federal Indian country agenda are making themselves known to the Trump administration.

Carlyle Begay, a citizen of the Navajo Nation and a politician in his own right, has already been chosen to have a position in President Donald Trump’s White House, according to a post Begay made on social media in December, but he and the White House have not yet publicly confirmed what that role will be. A Facebook group called the Navajo Nation Republican Party says he has been selected as White House Advisor on Indian Affairs. Indian affairs lawyers have also said they believe Begay could get the White House position, given information they have heard during the Trump transition, but Begay himself was circumspect in December, telling The Arizona Republic that he had been offered an unnamed White House position, yet he was still deciding whether he wanted to try for another job. He has not responded to requests from ICMN for clarification about his role.


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