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National Museum of the American People Can Serve As A Vehicle for Reconciliation


WASHINGTON, D.C.— More than 200 ethnic American organizations have now pledged support for the creation of the National Museum of the American People. The museum can serve as a symbolic vehicle for national reconciliation after what has been a divisive election season.

The proposed museum will tell the story about the making of all of the American People. All Americans are part of one of the greatest stories in human history about peoples coming here from every corner of Earth and who created and continue to build a nation that leads the world economically, militarily, scientifically and culturally.

"The spectrum of ethnic, nationality and minority organizations supporting the NMAP will constitute a core constituency of the museum,” said Sam Eskenazi, director of the coalition supporting the creation of the museum. “In the course of telling the story about the making of the American People, the museum will tell every group’s history. Following the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the NMAP should be the next great national museum to grace our nation’s capital.”

The 200 organizations are in 69 categories (the largest 20 in bold) including:

African American

Albanian American

American Indian

Arab American

Armenian American

Asian Pacific American

Azerbaijani American

Baltic American

Basque American

Belarusan American

Bosnian American

Bulgarian American

Caribbean American

Carpatho-Rusyn American

Chinese American

Creole American

Czech American

Danish American

Dominican American

Dutch American

Early European American

English American

Estonian American Filipino American

Finnish American

French American

Georgian American

German American

Greek American

Hispanic American

Hmong American

Hungarian American

Indian American

Iranian American

Irish American

Italian American

Japanese American

Jewish American

Korean American

Laotian American

Latino American

Latvian American

Liberian American

Lithuanian American

Macedonian American

Mexican American Moroccan American

Native Hawaiian

Norwegian American

Polish American

Puerto Rican

Portuguese American

Russian American

Salvadoran American

Scandinavian American

Scottish American

Scotch-Irish American

Sikh American

Slovak American

South Asian American

Swedish American

Swiss American

Taiwanese American

Thai American

Tunisian American

Turkish American

Ukrainian American

Vietnamese American

Welsh American

About the National Museum of the American People: The museum will tell its story starting with the first humans in the Western Hemisphere and continuing through today. The story will be told as if the visitor was walking through a dramatic documentary film about the making of the American People.


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