The Clinton Camp Thinks Native American Voters Could Make The Difference In Arizona


If Hillary Clinton pulls off a victory in Arizona next month, Democrats believe it will be due in part to one of the red state’s key voting blocs: Native Americans.

The campaign has worked for months to win support in Navajo Nation, the Native American territory with the largest population of not just any in the state, but the country. On Friday, Clinton secured the endorsement of the territory’s president, Russell Begaye, in what has been an aggressive effort to engage the 100,000 Navajo Nation members who live in Arizona and could sway the vote against Donald Trump.

“Tribal communities have swung a lot of elections in Arizona,” said Charlie Galbraith, a member of Navajo Nation and a political adviser to both the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. “In an election that will be razor thin, getting out the vote in Navajo Nation could turn the state blue.”


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