Pack the shotguns and fishing poles for a Minnesota cast and blast weekend


WASHKISH, Minn. – The first hard walleye bite of the day was a no-doubter that jacked Tim McBride’s line as if to say, “You found us.”

It was 3 p.m. on an overcast Sunday afternoon on Red Lake and the weekend’s fishing had only been so-so. Now we were joyously bobbing in 2- to 3-foot waves, hooking plump 16-inchers nearly every time we passed over a 30-foot-wide honey hole of hungry fish. The “whitecaps” were the color of root beer, cresting all around us as we hovered in just 4.2 feet of churning water.

“If the boat sinks, we can just stand on it and fish from there,” said Scott Ward, our captain.


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