Pneumonia brings Hillary Clinton's health back as hot issue


WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton's stumbles as she left a 9/11 memorial ceremony put her health at the forefront of a presidential campaign in which the two major party nominees are among the oldest ever and have disclosed a limited amount of information about their medical history.

The Democratic presidential nominee "felt overheated" Sunday and left the ground zero ceremony after about 90 minutes, her campaign said. A video of her departure shows Clinton appearing to stumble as three staff members hold her up and help her into a van. Clinton's doctor said later she had been diagnosed with pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics.

While the former secretary of state later emerged from her daughter's nearby apartment, saying she was "feeling great," the episode focused attention on Clinton's health with eight weeks remaining in a contentious election in which Republican rival Donald Trump has sought to sow doubts about her health and fitness to serve.


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