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Clinton says Trump anti-IS strength is "phony"


WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton is urging people who like the sound of Donald Trump's boasts about defeating the Islamic State group to consider the difference between "real strength" and "phony strength."

"It's phony strength to not know what you're talking about, and to make outrageous statements that will actually make our job harder, no matter how in the moment it sounds," the former New York senator and Democratic presidential candidate told CNN in an interview aired Sunday, the 15th anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington.

"Real strength is leveling with the American people and making it clear we will defeat ISIS," she added. "But that we've got to make sure that here at home, we're not opening doors to people who feel that somehow they want to be part of this global movement because Donald Trump has said it's a war between us and them, and that's pretty attractive to people."


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