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Attila the Hun was a legendary military leader who spread fear and devastated lands far and wide from the Black Sea through the Mediterranean during the rule of the late Roman Empire. He was dubbed “Flagellum Dei” or “Scourge of God.” This article is not going to be about Attila, it’s going to be about the current Oglala Sioux Tribal Treasurer and her recent action to cause our Wakpamni District Council members to be removed from office.

During the Oglala Sioux Tribes 2015/2016 John Steele and Tom Poor Bear administration the tribal council elected a pretty classy lady into the position as their Tribal Treasurer. Melanie Two Eagle from Porcupine District took office and took immediate control of the tribe’s finances. Things were going great; the council was all in favor of doing the right thing and working for the people. That was last year, this year is different. The bashing has officially begun.


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