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'Single Payer' Healthcare Has Failed The U.S. Indian Health Service -- So Why Does The Left Keep Advocating It?


It’s a common scenario: A distraught mother brings her young child to the pediatrician, seeking antibiotics for her child’s cold. The doctor determines that the child has a viral infection, not bacterial. Most responsible physicians would explain that prescribing antibiotics could harm to the child (in the form of side effects without benefits) and would worsen the public health problem of drug-resistant bacteria. They understand that antibiotics would be a false “solution” to the problem, and instead help provide other supportive care appropriate to the child’s condition.

Unfortunately, politicians are too prone to advocating false “solutions” to problems which will be ineffective (at best) or downright harmful (at worst). In the realm of healthcare policy, one recurrent wrong solution is the continued advocacy by the political Left in a “single payer” government-run health system.


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