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Two Native American Comedians compete in Project Greenlight with a documentary that works to break the cycle of adversity and shatter stereotypes.


Rez Comedy is a ground-breaking documentary about taking that "one last chance" to change the course of a life riddled with struggle and follow a dream, one that just could take them to the top and help raise up an entire people in the process. Jon Roberts, along with fellow Ojibwe comedian, Rob Fairbanks (the famous Rez Reporter), filmed their road trip across the country to Hollywood where they hope to make it big! Along the way they performed and collaborated with other Native American comedians, working to lend support. "Native American comedy is sadly underserved in Hollywood, and across the world; we hope to use our gifts of laughter to change minds, open hearts and begin to heal our people, Jon Roberts, Co-Star of the documentary said, "Reservation life can be extremely hard, we face adversity every day and endure age-old, negative stereotypes which lean heavy on our communities." The documentary producers will also be collaborating with the legendary Charlie Parr, who has graciously agreed to sign on to compose the film score and create original music from the heart to help communicate the story.

Project Greenlight, a film group who mentors new film makers, is sponsoring the competition which is called "The Untold Story." The competition gives first-time film makers a chance to win $20,000 towards the completion of their film as well as receive a hundred-million home distribution deal! The goal is to create wide-reaching awareness of underserved characters by telling an untold story thought the eye of a lens. The competition runs for 30 days, ending June 30th, and uses the crowdfunding site, Seed & Spark to gather contributions, support and awareness. This collaboration is the first of its kind and the top 10 campaigns which receive the most support will move onto the finals! Jon Roberts, Co-Star of the documentary says of the opportunity, "I feel in my heart that this film is a vehicle for real and positive change for my people. Now, more than ever, a message of hope and laughter is needed and this competition is the highway that will allow us to deliver it."

Thank you for the opportunity to reach out to you and for your support of this documentary! We appreciate you greatly!

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