Americans tastes the Native American Food for the first time and their reactions are surprising!


So what it is like, living in a culture and still you never had the chance to taste the native food. These Americans must know the answer to the question now. We often ask questions like What would it be like? How would certain dish taste? The judgments we make about any dish is purely based on our experiences with our own food habits. In this Era, where McDonald and Pizza Huts of the world have replaced almost all our food choices, our taste buds never got to know the real taste of food from the native side.

I feel happy for those who know what their native food tastes like. However there are many who might not be aware of what it is like, not because they don’t want to but may be because they never had the chance of it. Buzzfeed recently posted a video, where they got some Americans taste the native American food for the first time. The volunteers were pretty excited and their reactions after having their native food, would amaze you.(ALSO READ: Indian Food Grows in Popularity Among Americans Foodies)


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